Lets see your Season Tickets

this is a photo of the ticats season tickets ( image by Miller91 )...much improved over last years plain ticketmaster look.

upload a pic of the other teams season tickets and lets see who has the nicest.

i havent picked up my rider tickets yet, but i bet they got nothing on those

Argo's got some nice ones also, i'll post a picture when i get home from work unless someone beats me to it





p.s. i used my preseason ticket and voucher already which was attached to the BC ticket

Thanks for posting the pictures "MulderS". Mine are collector items for me for sure. Great job by the Argo front office again this year.

Now about those Ticat pictures... :lol: ...well maybe next year.
They have some great CFL legends to draw from though. Bernie Faloney, John Barrow, Angelo Mosca, Hal Patterson, Jim Trimble, Tommy-Joe Coffey, Ben Zambiasi, Earl Winfield, Ellison Kelly and Tony Champion come to mind. Lot of Grey Cup pictures to choose from with those guys.
I think a picture of Mike O'Shea in his Hamilton jersey would look great on a Labour Day ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the pics! The tickets look very nice. Keep em' coming!

I am impressed with the Argos tickets ... those look great.

The Stamps tickets are nothing special, best thing about them is that they come in a enveloping box type thing (about .5" deep, 4" x 10"). I like boxes :smiley: I've got all the stuff stashed in there ... The tickets themselves are just pictures of Stamps players huddled together, but all you see are random helmets. Which isn't bad by any means, but doesn't give much variety ... (it is a different pic each time, they just all look the same).

Esks Season Seats:

The Holder:

The Tickets:

Apologies for poor quality, I have only my cheap webcam to take pics with. Anyway, nothing here to compare with the Argos tickets. Although being a new season seat holder, these are nicer looking tickets than the single game ones I bought last year.

Wait...are you talking about legends, or are you talking about Mike O'Shea? :stuck_out_tongue:

We had legends on our tickets a few years ago; apparently the Argos are a few years behind us. This year the Cats went with current players, but had to pick ones who were likely to be on the team this year. Not an easy task considering the anticipated roster changes. The only two FORMER Ticats are Darren Flutie for the Hall of Fame game, when he will be inducted, and Joe Zuger for the final game, when the 1957 Grey Cup champs will be honoured.

thanks for sharing those pics, kristjanCFL.