Lets See Some TD's

4 touchdowns in 8 quarters of football this weekend. :roll:

No. No, I am not. More importantly, non CFL viewers will not be entertained on the most important CFL weekend of the year - non playoff or Grey Cup.

Before the NFL roars into our lives, lets see some scoring. Commissioner and the competition committee need to do something (before 2017).

....And if it was 53-40, it would be "where is the defence!!! The CFL is sandlot football!!! The NFL is BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!!!" :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Go watch the NBA ...lots of scoring and zero defence being played. Both games were well played , very close and hard hitting affairs. That is all that matters.

I blame the DC's.
They keep stopping the O.

For real. Some games the D just dominates.
Not every game is going to be 33 - 30.

BTW, what does the commiss " need to do " ?.
It is at the point now the rules side with the O.

Can not even look at a receiver without getting a penalty.

Yup just what this league needs. More artificial rules put together to help score points.

Agreed..... let the games play out. Two good games already this week and people still whining and bitching . Like kids pouting not getting the new toy they wanted !

This really highlights that sports have left the competitive and athletic realm and are now squarely in the strictly
entertainment category for many.

This is on the OC.

The last few years, other than running a no huddle offence throughout the game, the offences all seem the same.

The formations are the same. Every team runs out of the shotgun, so the QB is in the same place all the time. If a Qb doesn't run on his own, there are rarely any roll out plays anymore.

You would think the CFL was playing on the NFL size field, the way they struggle with players getting open.

And with most teams all but abandoning the run game, the D pretty much only has to play pass defence, with a gap blitz to stop any attempts at running.

No rule changes are needed to help the offence, they already have too many.

Time for the OC's to get creative, move the pocket and bring back some power running game. Looking at most defences in the league, they are using 1 or 2 DB's as linebackers.

Need some imagination again.

It's the theme of the week. Two weeks ago it was the blowouts, last week it was the close games, this week is the low scoring. Next week, who knows? Maybe it will be stormy weather...

I agree that we are not seeing much creativity on offense. Ottawa early season was very effective not so much now as defenses have caught up. Right now I think BC is very creative. Very balanced. Run the ball a ton and Jennings alters the pocket and they love the deep ball.

No more rules to help the O please.

Offenses just need to be better.

They have put in rules to help scoring and I think it has back fired.

Nothing wrong with a D controlled game.