Lets See How Far Off I am This Year

With only 37 and half hours till kickoff but whos counting. Lets see where we as fans think we are this year.


BC 13-5
SASK 11-7


Toronto beats montreal in semi loses to hamilton in final


Sask beats calgary in semi loses to bc in final

THE HAMILTON TIGERCATS WIN THE 100TH GREY CUP :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Check your figures. You have 20 more wins than losses. 82/62 :oops:

interesting predictions TB...the wins/losses are unequal on that list however.
My biased take: :smiley:
Hamilton 11-7
Montreal 10-8
Toronto 9-9
Winnipeg 8-10

BC 11-7
Calgary 9-9
Edmonton 7-11
Sask 7-11


Hamilton 11-7
High powered offence, questions on defence. Will be the most exciting team in the league to watch, but the defence will let them down in a few games.
Montreal 11-7
Calvillo lost a step last year, changes on defence but its still Calvillo and its still Montreal, they'll be in the running for first.
Toronto 8-10
Vastly improved but they're not starting from a strong, solid base like the Ticats were. Just too many whole to plug in one season.
Winnipeg 5-13
Overrated last year. They were awful in 2010, then were lucky to get off to a good start at 7-1 in 2011 but only finished 10-8. The end of the season was their real team and they've lost key players without doing much positive at all.

Toronto beats Montreal
Hamilton beats Toronto


BC 14-4
Made some improvement to their DBs and are balanced on both sides of the ball. They're the class of the league.
Saskatchewan 8-10
Hard to imagine a team could drop off so far from 2010 to 2011. Had a bad start, started firing coaches and imploded in on themselves. In a weak division, they'll bounce back at least as far as mediocrity.
Calgary 8-10
Did Tate win Burris' job or did Burris lose it? Haven't seen Tate play much but I haven't seen what they hype is about. This will be a learning year for Tate and a reset year for the Stamps
Edmonton 7-11
They weren't great last year, exceeding expectations and this year they've dropped their best asset in Ricky Ray. Tillman knows what he's doing and Edmonton will rise in the long-term, but this is a year of growing pains.

Saskatchewan beats Calgary
BC beats Saskatchewan

Hamilton wins the Grey Cup over BC... Not (entirely) because of my bias, but cuz its in Toronto.

wow i really stunk the joint out on this one

One suggestion for next year -- make sure the number of wins and losses both total 72.