Lets say Andy comes back...

who sits...
Andy - Starts
Bagg (well he would start, but lets count him out)
Dressler - He starts
Getz - i guess he starts
Sisco - local unproven talent....you dont want him on the practice rosterwhere he is snagged for nothin...he dresses....or stays on injured list...i dont know
Hill - Starts
Koch - starts

well, there are your 5-6 Starters
Claremont - is it time to trade...
Wheelwright - I still think this guy looked great!
Robinson - he has started to step up
Nunn - guess he has to go
Freddie Barnes - sorry
Patrick Barnes - too bad...looks like he might be okay.

Realistically you can dress 6, maybe 7...but who do you sit to play the 7th. You can put 2 on the PR, but remember, they are fair game! I guess they are alright for the moment because Bagg and Sisco are out, but if Andy returns there are some really really tough decisions ahead!

I hate to say it but Clermonts days are numbered. Wheelright looked good but time was so short before injury. Nunn looked good the first game too. Robinson looked good but same situation. A couple of guys will have to prove themselves and they know they have to something with all the competition on town.

i could see a NI trade...

I don't know how to post a twitter feed but DD's twitter feed says 83 is back. It looks like this is no longer speculation but reality. IMHO gotta keep: Koch, Hill and Baker for sure. Robinson and Wheelright - is there room on the practice roster?
Clermont - I don't think a trade is in the offing - maybe he will retire. We will now have the best receiving corps in the league!!!

Sisco has been a complete disappointment.

Dallas Baker so far looks to be a keeper

don't have to worry about Bagg right now.. seeing he's hurt

so with 5 receivers.


Robinson I predict will either be put on the practice roster or released outright.

Wouldnt shock me. They have been saying since Sunday evening that they anticipated more on Andy on Wed (today)

it is official

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/andy-fantuz-returning-to-the-roughriders/article2156522/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le2156522/[/url]

Right on! Winnipeg is going to have their hands full this week.

so, who do you keep? who plays, and who goes to the practice roster, who get's released out right?

Since Nunn is now on the 9 game list as is Sisco, these two are untouchable.

so you have


(am I missing anyone?)

I believe Robinson's days as a Rider are finished.

now the question is, who do you have as your 5 receivers?

I say Baker should get the opportunity to be one of the 5 since he had a good game on Sunday.

Fantuz and Koch will be back as starters..

and then you have Getzlaf and Dressler

what is going to happen?

I Thought Efram Hill had a good couple of last games.

Wheelwright to practisce roster - if room. Robinson done. Hill is definitely a starter. Leaving JC as the odd man out. What to do? Don't think he has much capital as a trade this late in his career - maybe he can retire so we don't have to cut him.

in the 5 pack which we usually roll with:
Dressler, Fantuz, Hill in the Slots
Baker and Koch at Wideout
6th receiver Getzlaf

That is how I would have it
So you are replacing Clermont for Fantuz (NI for NI) and Koch for Robinson (I for I)

I've been thinking more about this and I would bet that Andy doesn't play all of the game, Him and Getzlaf will alternate a lot I would think. It takes a little while for someone to get back into the timing. Of course this all depends on practice and such.

I doubt it. Hill has been playing Andy's role the last two games and getz moved back to the role he played last year. Hill was playing the role of getz, and is now left as third or fourth wr. Hill and Andy may split duties this game, or Andy and jc, but next game Andy and getz will play sb, dressler and koch will be primary wr

Hill was invisible prior to swapping duties with getz ... Hopefully that does not happen as odd man out.

Why would they move Getzlaf to SB where he isn't as effective as Hill, as well as move Dressler to WR?? I don't understand your logic. I doubt JC is even on the roster this week.

Koch will play flank WR, Dressler as OSB, Getz as secondary OSB...splitting duties with JC, Andy as ISB (TE), Hill as WR...a role he did not excell in. Sorry, I always view Dressler's role as more of a WR than a SB, though yes, he definately lines up as a SB.

I imagine if you pulled up a lineup from last year the differences would basically be Koch lining up for Bagg, and Hill for Preache.