Let's replace Berry with ......

As post in another thread I think Doug Berry needs to go. Crandell is doing great, Dickerson is excellent also as OC.

My suggestion is let's see if Damon Allan is interested in OC. Give him the rest odd the year to get into the position and next year look out.

Is there anyone else out there? Steve Buratto (sp?) has been mentioned before.

oh no not Steve Burrato, would be the same or worse than we have now. He’s just another recycled coach, that will be fine where he is coaching now, and can help our team as he is

i'm not a gm or rider brass so no replacement suggestions i just know that db is fail, and it's totally obvious! does db not sit down with dressler and say what do you need as a player to get you going, and then design plays for him? or any other player, i sure would, i wouldn't just draw sumthing up and say ok this is what we are running, learn it!

Tracey Hamm
Damon Allen
Nealon Green
(these guys would understand DDs assets)

Michael Faulds
Matt Dunigan
Jeff Garcia
David Archer
Greg Vavra
Kelly Jeffrey
Brian Towriss

Mike Pringle as an assistant

This is about 5 minutes of thinking. Someone who does this should always have a little black book, so to speak, to replace anyone in a pinch. They should be continually scouting, even if they are not looking to make a move, just in case. The point is that the offense has failed to epic levels...they have to make a move, even if it turns out to be a not great one.

Thats a good list. I think the best point you made is that they have to make a move, even if it turns out to be not a great one.

At this point, I think that any move, even if its taking a risk on someone completely unproven, would send a message to the team and the fans that management is not accepting mediocrity (or worse!). Right now, the message is that jobs are secure, no matter what. That needs to change. Fast.

Depop, I hope someone reads your list. I don't have the knowledge to add to it, unfortunately, but you are right, management SHOULD have just such a list.

How about Chapdelaine for HC?

He has been interviewed a few times. He seems content where he is and waiting for his turn.

Hey guys - useless speculation here. I want Berry gone like everyone else but it's not gonna happen the talk I hear in interviews with Hopson and Marshall doesn't sound like they seem to think Berry is a problem. What I see happening is we are going to win against Calgary at home this week because of a gutsy performance by Durant and then everyone will heap praise on Berry for a job well done and nothing will be done. Nothing will be done until we lose back to back against Winnipeg and by then it will be too late for this season.

in all honesty, a big factor in last week's game was Johnson's sore leg. The punting was short, and the guys are used to him launching them. The ran into no yards expecting the ball to be further down the feild. Bad on the ST coaching. They should have had the guys running down field in a lower gear.

Or, as a less drastic measure, how about Durant calling a lot of his own plays.

Nobody does that anymore, not even Calvillo and Ray. With the microphones in the quarterbacks' headsets, there's actually not a huge reason to do it these days.

I realize that. But when your co-ordinator doesn't seem to be in the same book, let alone the same page, as what has proven effective with certain personnell in the past, why not give it a try. I would be willing to bet that of all the games Durant has gotten the win as a starter, in 85% of them he has rushed 7 or 8 times in that game. Add to that every time Durant does not release from the pocket within 3 seconds nothing good happens. Berry has him standing back there waiting for 4 or 5 second routes to develope and the result is 1-5 with the least offensive points scored in the league.

Durant's never called his own plays before. He's working with a young, unproven receiving corps. IMO calling his own plays would be just another headache that wouldn't help him out.

Honestly, in 2011, teams are well aware of the threat Durant poses with his feet. Opposing DCs aren't stupid and will game-plan to take away his running lanes when possible. To me, the solution isn't to heap even more responsibility on Durant's shoulders, but to get more from the receiving corps, particularly from veterans like Dressler and Getzlaf who need to get open with more frequency.

I agree that this will not happen. I just threw it out there as a solution to what the alternative is pretty much 90% certain to be. Status quo and once the inevitable 8 or 9 more losses this season become reality, do something about it then. This scenario is Almost as predictable as 90% of the Rider play calls. I still say, to salvage this season, it has to be Miller for the remainder of it, and then address it in the offseason for a more permanent fix. As for veterans receivers getting open more, perhaps that has something to do with the playbook.

It may or may not happen, but I still enjoy discussing it.

What is one without dreams?

In my dream Richie Hall was never hired. :lol:

This is always the danger when you simplify your offense, as Berry appears to have done this season. Sure, it's easier for your QB to make his reads, but it's correspondingly easier for DBs to stay with their receivers or defend their zones, because there is little misdirection pre-snap and a dearth of picks/rubs allowing receivers to create separation.

Good list. I forgot about Archer and Garcia. Two more that would do good. Nealon Green, no way, he was a RB not a QB.

Today's paper DB says he has to take some of the responsibility for the lack of offense. OH REALLY, YOU THINK? He also said he needs to make it simpler for the receivers. I fell out of my chair. Any simpler and we'll be lucky to score any points, Ds will eat us alive. Based on comments today, Hopson is in major damage control mode. Let's see what happens.

This opens another thread. After a major injury to both Congi and Bagg, why didn't Taman get some insurance? The guys he brought in never looked good from training camp, while veterans where on the market. I like Johnson but he is not use to both duties and is wearing out. He's a punter, end of story.

I thought Milo should have got a chance at kicking. He is still on the PR...why...incase Congi does not make i back in good form (rough injury for a kicker to recover from). Milo is 3rd alltime in CIS kicking...he can get the job done. He has an amazing leg...yeah, he went 0-3 in preseason, but had the leg from 48 and then some! He missed wide by 2 feet. I would let him work it out in a game...give him a shot. They obviously view him with potential or he would not eat a PR spot. Tanam brought in a guy...for some reason they are not using him.