Let's Recap

We needed a proven QB -------------NOT
We needed proven WR's -------------NOT
Needed to improve O Line ----------NOT
Needed to improve D Line ----------NOT
Needed to improve D Backs ---------NOT
Needed to run Jessie more ---------NOT
Needed better play calling --------NOT
Now we need a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hear Zellers has them on sale right now

I thought the D was fairly decent this game.

Listened to the game on the web down here, someone please tell me how can ANY CFL team not score a touchdown in EIGHT Quarters, I believe cancer might be cured before the Ti-Cats score a touchdown.

We will not get a TD untill this coach decides to throw the ball upfield not sideways. Other teams know what a crap game plan we have.

Lets not forget some turnovers
we forced a garnd total of ZERO
Bad snap on the Argos behalf doesnt count

They can buy an airpump for the football at Zellers too. They just need more air in the football. That is all that was wrong. They need thier own side-line airpump for the football. Just remember to let the air back out again before you turn the ball over to the other team.