Let's rank the receivers

Since We’ve ranked the QB’s in other threads, I thought we each should rank the wide outs.

You can rank them on skill or this years performance so far.


1.Geroy Simon
2. Jason Tucker
3.Jermaine Copeland
4.Ed Hervey
5.Matt Dominguez
6.Jason Clermont
7.Derrell Mitchell
8.Ben Cahoon
9.Terry Vaughn
10. Arland Bruce

Hounarable Mentions: Nik Lewis, Craig Yeast, Milt Stegall

Well i'd add Peterson to that list.... bahahahahahahhahahaah.

you are a funny man.

stegal should at least get honorable mention.

lol! that is funny, yeah id put stegall on there.

Clermont #10 !!!!! Are you crazy ? Probably the best hands, strength and best total all around reciever in the league.

Except Clermont and Simon are slotbacks, not wide recievers :stuck_out_tongue:

It does say, at the title of his list, that he is listing receivers and slotbacks.

I don’t think it matters, there are a few of each on the list above.

ahh I missed the title just above his list, just read the wide outs part, hehe my bad.

But I'd take Simon, Clermont as my slot backs on any team, and Tucker, Copeland and Bruce as my wide outs. But hell, I'm happy with Jackson, Simmons, and Thelwell

Ok, I've edited them a little now that I saw some of the mistakes but I know it aint perfect, so how would you guys rank them differently?
It's hard to make a list because there are so many good receivers, but it's all just for fun to see everyones opinion.

Pretty early in the season for rankings IMO.

early to tell but fro what ive seen this year and in the past

1.geroy simon
2. jason tucker
3. jermaine copeland
4. matt dominguez
5. arland bruce
6. ben cahoon
7. thelwell
8. stegall
9. nik lewis
10. vaughn

honourable mention to: Archie Amerson, i love him, too bad hes hurt: craig yeast: yo murphy, ed hervey

oooops supposed to be clermont on my list not thelwell, my bad

My List -
1- Geroy Simon
2- Jason Tucker
3- Milt Stegall
4- Matt Dominguez
5- Ed Hervey
6- Arland Bruce
7 - Jason Clermont
8- Jermaine Copeland
9- Ben Cahoon
10- Nik Lewis
Honorable Mention - Thewell -Vaugan - Murphy -Miles - Thurmon

1- Derrell Mitchell
2- Geroy Simon
3- Jason Tucker
4- Arland Bruce
5- Ed Hervey
6- Kerry Watkins (Huge surprise)
7- Jason Armstead
8- Jason Clermont
9- Ben Cahoon
10- Terry Vaughn

Also.. Milt Stegall, Nik Lewis, Tony Miles, Travis Moore

Dude… you must be confusing two different leagues. We’re talking about the CFL.

Kerry Watkins drops the ball every time it’s important that he catches it. He was good in game #1 but has sucked ever since. He doesn’t belong in the CFL’s top ten. Hell, he’s not even in the top five in Montreal only (Cahoon, Vaughn, Cavil, Stala and Girard are).

All these lists do is remind me of how badly the Bombers need a new receiving corps. :expressionless: