Lets predict the score for tonight


I changed my mind.....Sorry..............

Hamilton 33

Saskatchewan 11

(Our Defense gets 5 sacks)

Let's get busy! :rockin:

Hamilton: 29
Saskatchewan: 14

(What happened to all the prediction threads that offered prizes?)

Hamilton 27

Saskatchewan 10

The Ti-Cats have to win for the prizes to be awarded. So there is no sense in having those anymore.

No they don’t. Anyone can win.

Hamilton 6

Saskatchewan 74

Uhhh, not the Ticats. (Had to say it before someone else did) Where is your thread this week then, JAG?

BTW, I had to convert Todd's time of edit to real time, and although it was 1/2 hr into the game, he sure was close! My estimate on the other hand proves how naive I can be.