Let's play Who will they cut next :)

I am thinking Offensive Tackles David Gonzalez or Joel Figueroa as they both have good track records and have had good revIews and come from good programs WASHINGTON STATE and MIAMI

You can add WR Donavon Varner form DUKE who holds all their receiving records OR DB;S D'anton Lynn and Terrance Parks from Penn State and Florida State .

Add RB CJ Gable from USC

My Predictions when the vets get here are :

Jamal Johnson will get cut once Marecllus Bowman shows he is healthy , I hope I am wromg .
Markeith Knowlton will get cut too for Dominique Harris or Ricardo Colclough . Hope I am wrong there too.

Both Salary dumps .

Are you predicting based off watching them play, or just assume they get cut because they all come from big programs?...Kinda confused.


I am being sarcastic ...if you read below you wll understand

It just seems very players with a great resume , good track records, good stats and goos scouting report comes in and then gets cut soom afterwards :

Today , two very highly touted prospects in Mike Holmes and Montel Harris were cut about a week after they were signed .

Mike Holmes :


He has been on 3 NFL rosters over the passed two years .
Ranks fifth on SU's career record list for tackles by a defensive back (271 tackles) A three-year starter at cornerback and free safety, he had six career interceptions. He also recorded a 23.5-yard average as a kickoff returner with one touchdown and returned 30 punts for a 10.4-yard average.

Montel Harris

http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/owls ... um=twitter

recall seeing articles about Harris late last season as he was approaching various records. Also saw highlights on ESPN College Game Day.

STRENGTHS Productive, solidly-built back with enough power and quickness to succeed as a reliable back-up runner. Displays some lateral agility and a stiff arm to avoid tacklers in the hole or sidestep to either side of his lead blocker. Also possesses enough acceleration to get into openings to consistently move the chains. Works through trash with churning legs, regularly runs by arm tackles and falls forward for additional yards after contact. Flashes as a receiver out of the backfield, reliable on swing passes and coming over the middle to test linebackers in space.
WEAKNESSES One-speed back without the open-field burst to be a breakaway threat or the quickness to turn the corner if the inside hole is filled. Also lacks great lower body strength to power inside. Lacks elite elusiveness to avoid better tacklers, will lose his balance when cutting between the tackles or outside. Cutback ability and vision are only adequate. Had leg injuries throughout the end of his career at Boston College, also transferred from there for repeated violations of team rules. Not physical in pass protection, resorts to cut blocks and gives a cursory shoulder effort chipping.
BOTTOM LINE Harris set the Boston College record for rushing yards in just over three seasons (3,735 yards, also scoring 27 touchdowns), but injuries limited him to two games in 2011 and repeated violations of team rules caused his dismissal from the program in May 2012. He transferred to Temple over the summer, where he found success. He could potentially work in the back end of a committee in the NFL.

http://www.nfl.com/draft/2013/profiles/ ... id=2540004 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1616 ... -temple-rb http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/play ... tel-harris

Stiff competition. College stats don't mean anything at this point. It's about performance and making a quick impact.

A couple guys got banged up so it might be some of them. Lots of hungry kids at this camp. Lots of them aren't going to make it. It's sad, but true.

I'm going to guess Alvarado. Why? Because I liked him lol. Seriously though even though he has a good leg he is import and we are using non-imports there.

I think these early and quick cuts are a product of a few factors.

A) The player didn't show up in shape. (I suspect that's what happened with some of the ones earlier this week before they even took the field)

B) Staff determines quite quickly that the player is not going to pick things up fast enough. Despite any athletic prowess or great college resume, if they can't pick up new systems ... They're gone.

C) Scouts have found newer guys that they'd like to get a look at so you have to make room to get them up here.

Or of course, a combination of any of these factors as well.

I think some guys, and especially some of the guys that come up from big name programs and have had successful college careers underestimate the CFL. Quite frankly they've been coddled at college. They could take weeks to get in shape and/or learn the playbook because the school isn't cutting them since they've used a scholarship on them. I think many of these guys get a very rude awakening when they find out the differences between the college and pro games and requirements.

Some good points Fender Guy …thanks

i still thnk money plays a part too and the Canadian thing …that they either don’t like it here or think it i sminor league so they don’t try as hard or don’t work as hard as they shoudl because they think their name and resume stands for itself …

this is odd though as i never saw the cats management under OBIE, LANCASTER and others bring guys in and cut them so quickly and also the CFL free agent SIGNINGS TOO LIKE BEASLEY and also Peguesse and MALLET after they seemed so promising and also singning guys and cutting them before they put the pads on ??

I guess your point that maybe another player or tow decided to come to camp and that left the other guy as excess .

Quite honestly, money really has very little to do with it especially when it comes to the rookies. Terms of the contracts have been agreed upon with the only outstanding matter being that they make the team. None of these rookies are coming up here not knowing what they’ll be paid if they make the team.

As far as past regimes and management teams, there was lots of dynamic turnover during rookie and training camps as well.

I remember personally walking up to Ron Joyce stadium one day during camp two years ago when a cab pulled up and a guy got out dressed in jeans and a t shirt and only a gym bag. He asked me for directions, we walked into the stadium together and I pointed him to Bob O’Billivitch. He had just flown in that morning from LA. They got him equipped and dressed, he practiced that day and I believe 1 and a half more and then he was gone. I honestly can’t remember his name. He was a DE. He was a physical specimen but I as i watched him i could see he couldn’t pick things up quickly.

As many players say … They love the game of football but they hate the business.

It’s brutal, harsh & abrupt. Lancaster knew that as well hence his rule that he only cut players after breakfast since he thought they at least deserved a decent meal before they had to find their way home or to the next city and try out.

I predict higher priced players wil be cut due to the revenue challenges of 2013.

I predict whomever is cut will "come back to haunt us" and then eventually forgotten. See Cobb, Deandre. Trafalis, Adam.

So I predict, that the above statement predicts, that Burris and Fantuz could be gone.......................... :roll: :roll:

Point taken.

Shoulda said "replaceable higher priced players" ala Cobourne and Mallett.

Some very good receivers in camp, maybe Stala's a home grown boy and all on the bubble. We are probably going to see some surprising cuts,

LOL You’re likely correct there. . . seems like every QB to ever be released by Hamilton (Kevin Eakin, Richie Williams, Jason Boltus, and on and on and on) was said by some to be likely to come back and haunt the team like Calvillo.

Now clearly Calvillo was the exception to the rule, but his name keeps getting raised every time a QB is released in Hamilton, as if it’s going to happen again.

Recently cut

IMP RB Montel Harris
IMP DB Michael Holmes
IMP WR Donovan Varner

We knew about Harris & Holmes but you can add Varner to that list as well.

Two new additions arrived today as well.

"Tiger-Cats announced today that they have signed import defensive back Emanuel Davis and import running back Donte Harden.

Davis spent time with the NFL’s Cleveland Browns and UFL’s Sacramento Mountains last season after four years at East Carolina. He recorded 230 defensive tackles and nine interceptions as a Pirate

Harden finished his NCAA career at Ohio with 391 carries for 1,947 yards and nine rushing touchdowns while catching 48 receptions for 479 yards and four touchdowns. As a returner, ran back 62 kicks for 1,405 yards and a touchdown. In 2011, he set a new school record with 1,873 all-purpose yards."

Looks like Harden has return skills that could be useful. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPkLlmgjBlo]www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPkLlmgjBlo[/url]