Lets play the give all the teams Elks like names game

BC Beavers
Calgary Crows
Sask Squids
Wpg Water Buffalo
Toronto Trout
Hamilton Hamsters
Ottawa Oysters
Montreal Magpies

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BC Baboons
Calgary Cows
Sask Samsquanches
Winnipeg Wombats
Toronto Termites
Hamilton Hornets
Ottawa Otters
Montreal Mallard Ducks

Don't forget the Atlantic Aardvarks..... still undefeated to this day too

BC Bugs
Calgary Crickets
Sask Silverfishes
Wpg Mosquitos
Toronto Ticks
Hamilton Hippopotamuses
Ottawa Owl Butterflys
Montreal Mites

Yeah lets take a landlocked province AND give it a sea creature name

My dog is staring at me. Or maybe my beer.
Anyhow, this is dedicated to him. He’s a good boy.

Hamilton Hounds
BC Beagles
Saskatchewan Spaniels
Calgary Corgis
Edmonton Elkhounds (a real breed)
Winnipeg Whippets
Toronto Terriers
Montreal Mastiffs
Ottawa Old Yellers

works for me :slight_smile:

or we could go with Shih Tzus

How about The Atlantic Landlubbers

I went to a zoo the other day, all they had was a dog
It was a Shih Tzus

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BC Bonobos
Calgary Cocks
Sask Skeeters
Wpg Wolfs
Toronto Termites
Hamilton Honey Bees
Ottawa Otters
Montreal Mégalodon

Didn't Calgary call them that in the 1920's .

They had a athletic club or something sponsor them back then .

Seems to me Montreal already has an elk like name Alouettes

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the idea is to have the same matching first letter

Oh, I was thinking animal

I was aiming for both at the same time :slight_smile:

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BC Brown Bears
Calgary Capybaras
Edmonton Elephants
Winnipeg Wallabies
Saskatchewan Silkworms
Toronto Tuna
Hamilton Honeybees
Ottawa Octopi
Montreal Manatees

Pretty advanced stuff for around here. :grin:

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BC Barracudas
Calgary Colossal Squid
Edmonton Electric Eels
Winnipeg Walruses
Saskatchewan Sea Snakes
Toronto Tiger Sharks
Hamilton Hammerheads
Ottawa Orcas
Montreal Marlins

It is the SeaFL after all.

Forgot to add...the Atlantic Cod Fishery Collapse (but their fans will tell you the ACFC on the team's gear stands for Atlantic Canada Football Club)

I want to put up some "toilet" names for the teams but that stuff gets flagged. What the heck?!

And you are surprised?
Ok Kanga