Let's play GM

Two questions:

  1. Who is going to make us happy?
  2. Who is going to make us sad?

No surprise, I think Yeast will step up this year and be our best player. I don't think we saw half of what this guy can do last season. I am not against Brazzell though. I fell out of my chair when we got him. It's a wicked duo. Whoever starts for us at QB is going to look like a hero, if they can get the ball to these two guys.

I hate to say it, but I think Morreale is going to let us down a bit. This is hard for me to say because I like the guy as a player, (I have one of his jersey's) but he's never really played great football since his Grey Cup Outstanding Canadian season. Now you're really going to hate me, but what are we going to do about Hitchcock. The guy is a glass linebacker. When Rob get hurt...he gets hurt. A leg broken in 5 places, shattered collerbones. His good, but how many games do we get out of this guy a season?

Well I have to agree with you on our recieving duo Yeast#5. Yeast is going to do very well this season (i think he did great last season as well) and hes only going to get better. But I think HItchcock will have a great season this year, I have a feeling that hes gonna be healthy for most if not all of the season and do great. As for our QB who knows but who ever the QB is hes gonna have some great recievers to count on. Honestly I think the biggest suprise this year is going to be our Tailback Troy Davis. I mean look how good he did last year (if u ask me he was one of the best backs of the year) and i think this year isnt going to be any different. What do you think of our combination of Davis and Radlein???? I think they will be awsome.

I hope you're right about Hitchcock, because he can be a monster if he can stay healthy. What's going on with Davis? I heard he wants a piece of that money pie that's flying around the league. Is he at camp? Is he happy?

Hitchcock can definately be a monster when hes healthy (if you ask me hes one of the hardest hitters in the league) and every reciever should be scared of him. As for Davis it says on the Ti-cats website on there depth chart that hes still the starter so im just going by that i havent heard anythign else on him really. Like June 11'th (tommorow) is our first exibition game so im just assuming that he was at camp and is playing for us still.

Oh ya! You saying Hitchcock is a hugh hitter. Do you remember when Rob laid out Tyree Davis in Montreal a few years back! I got to talk to him really, really breifly during the pre-game warmup when he came to Calgary to play the Stamps. (gotta love CFLers). I asked him if he would lay out Pitts like he did Davis a couple weeks before. I totally forgot about that until you said that. Are you watching the game tomorrow? I know if I watch it, and we lose, I'll still be ticked for the rest of the afternoon. And I know it's a pointless game.

Ya I remember that hit very well. I was watching the game with my dad it was one of the hardest hits ive ever seen. I had forgotten about it until now. Do you Remember back when he hit Morreale (pretty sure it was Morreale) and im also pretty sure he was playing for Saskatchewan. All i rememebr is it was a really hard hit and one that ill never forget. No I wont be watching the game tommorow. I dont got tv where i am at the present time. Ill have it in about 3 weeks and ill be watching all the games (almost) and the oens im not watching on tv for the cats ill be at. Going to the Labour Day game as well. If you ask me thats one of the best games of the year. Ive been goign to it now for 5 years and the tradition will continue. My father and i made it up hes a big ticats fan as well. Well I wouldnt call an exibition game pointless like it doesnt count towards anythign for the playoffs or anything but it does give the coaches a very good look at the non-veterans of the team and the non starters.

All they were talking about during Touchdown Atlantic was competition between Hitchcock and Carter for the outside LB position....guess Hitch has lost his safety spot to Shaw permanently.

Question to Ticat fans.....doesn't anyone in the team's brain trust think Hitch should be given a shot at MIDDLE LB? I sure do, I think he'd be great at that position.....just a thought.

I think a healthy Hitchcock should be allowed to play whereever he wants.

After "Touchdown Atlantic", I'd say I'm very impressed with that return guy, Smith. Sankey was good too.

The players who made me very sad, McAnus made me want to cry. And that Suter kid was driving me nuts! He's cut in my books.