Let's play ... fix the Ticats

Let's play ... fix the Ticats

O'Billovich has all the answers - whether you agree or not

November 11, 2008 Ken Peters The Hamilton Spectator

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OK, let's start the 'Throw for Dough' round:

Quinton Porter will compete for the starting job?

O'Billovich: "No question."


"Our biggest question mark at quarterback right now
is how will Casey Printers fit into this situation.

I know you need two good quarterbacks
to win consistently in a given season."

Bonus question:

Under that scenario, is it possible
Casey Printers could remain as a backup?


"Yeah. Obviously, if that were to happen
you would have to restructure his contract.

If we come out of camp and feel Quinton is our best chance to win,
we're not going to pay Casey as a backup with the salary he has now."

Triple bonus question:

Could Printers be trade bait?


"That's possible with anybody. If something comes up,
it's like the Zeke Moreno situation.

I think we have acquired more assets.

I think there are more players on this team
that some other teams might be interested in."


Obie thinks we need 2 new starters on Offence

Import Tackles

He's thinking of converting Rob Pavlovich
to a combo Offensive Lineman/tight end.

Obie thinks we need 4 new starters on Defence

He is thinking of using a Canadian Safety

...Sean Manning or Dylan Barker.

and as many as 4 Import Defensive Linemen.

I posted this somewhere else in another thread, but I'll try it again here:

How about working a four-way trade............should make for an interesting offseason............Hamilton trades Printers to Toronto; Toronto then sends Joseph to Winnipeg; Winnipeg then sends Glenn to Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan sends to Hamilton to complete the deal....................WHO?

Let's just make it easy ' SEND PRINTERS TO SASK FOR JOHN CHICK" period.

Eric Tillman

A tractor and three wheat fields.

Wonder if Kenny will be up for a round of "Let's Fix The Football Beat at The Spec" ?

If Obie thinks Ray Marius is worth resigning it must considered at a limited role on special teams only. I like Ray as person, however as linebacker he does not have the spead or strength to get the job done. Did you notice Obie is considering Pavlovick as a centre? I don't now what all the fuss is surrounding Hage - the guy gets beat on almost every blocking assignment. George Hudson is also long in the tooth and should be replaced as well.

Gee what an idea, you should start a thread about this, and then post in every thread anyone else starts!

come on its a good idea ... :roll:

Pavlovic is only 250. Why would Obie ever want to convert him into an O-Linemen? Is Obie trying to make us the all time leader in sacks surrender in 09?

Pavlovic wouldn't be starting in 09 and would be required to gain weight. Do you remember Pete Giftopoulos? He was a Ti-Cat LB from 88-92 and in the offseason between 92 and 93 he was asked to gain weight and switch to the OL. At the time he was only 240lbs and bulked up to about 270 for camp in 93. By the 4-5 game he was starting at guard.

And by '94 he was out of the league :slight_smile:

We can only hope that the Pavlovic switch works out better than the Kori Dickerson experiment.
He is 6'4" 255, so he is not that far off.

As a fan, I find it hardest to get a read on who plays well on the offensive line.
It is very difficult to watch their work when you are following the ball when there live, or you can not see them while watching TV.
Hage must grade out the best????
He is always nominated by the Cats for an award.
I have a feeling that Hudson would be a better centre, but I will leave that to those in charge!

Why do we have to "convert" anyone.

Here's an idea Obie....draft or sign an Offensive Lineman.

This team has a history of converting players away from their natural positions.

Wayne Shaw, all-star corner...make him a safety.
George Hudson, all star centre...make him a guard
Bekasiak....ah, enough already.

Sign the players where they have excelled in the past. Enough of this conversion crap.

I agree....thats why I roll my eyes when I hear this nonsense about converting Jesse to a tight end, slot back, Wide out, everything but a place kicker.

Most of the guys on the field have played at one position since they were kids. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part these experiments usually flop.

Because it's what we do. And it frustrates me to no end!!!

There is a long list of others we have tried to convert and failed. Can we not just find talented players at the positions we need?? Amen to the "enough of this conversion crap"!!!!!!!!