Let's Play A Free Agent Game

With the offseason upon us, I figured some posters here may be a little bored. So I came up with an idea. Using ONLY (with one exception) the CFL.ca Free Agent List


One must try to field a competitive football team as a GM of a new football club that will not be going through an expansion draft. Any player found in free agency is deemed playable, regardless of injuries that we as the fans may or may not know about (in order to allow for an easier selection filling the rosters)

The one exception is K/P. There are only FOUR in free agency, so feel free to pluck one off of any CFL teams PRACTICE roster (I am aware that there are only two kickers on practice rosters, but the reality is, a lot of GMs have slim pickings)

This little game may also make people more aware of how scare Non-Import talent is.

You MUST stick to CFL Rules (3 QBs, 20 N/I [7 MUST start], 19 IMP, 4 Non-Active, and 6 Practice Roster Players)

I think I covered everything, happy hunting!

I'll be up with my team soon!

Note to everyone who is trying this, it can turn a little tedious, but I found it quite fun.

  • Denotes Import

QB - Crandell, Marcus* ---- Dinwiddie, Ryan* --- Williams, Richie*
RB - Payton, Jarrett* ---- Caulley, Terry* --- McClendon, Ron*
FB - Vilimek, Mike
WR1 - Armstrong, Derick*
SB1 - Thurmon, Elijah* --- Stoddard, Jamie
SB2 - Woodcock, Pat --- Birungi, Ivan
WR2 - Flick, D.J.* --- Stokes, Keith*
LT - St. John, Jude
LG - Abou-Mechrek, Mike ---- Bates, Kelly
C - Bakker, Tim
RG - Sheridan, Matt --- O'Meara, Matt
RT - Mudge, Dave

K - Ito, Jeremy*
P - Ito, Jeremy*
KR - Stokes, Keith* --- Caulley, Terry*
PR - Stokes, Keith* --- Caulley, Terry*
LS - Srochenski, Randy

LE - Canada, Tom*
DT1 - Hodges, Howard* --- Kudu, Matt
DT2 - Freeman, Eddie* --- Baird, Adrian
RE - Guillory, Brandon*
LOLB - Hall, Cam* --- Blackmon, Tray*
MLB - O'Shea, Mike --- Ternovatsky, Neil
ROLB - Fletcher, Michael*
CB1 - Carter, Khalil*
HB1 - Glasper, Ryan* --- Clovis, Sebastian
S - Wheaton, Kenny* --- Bearman, Greg
HB2 - Karikari, Richard --- Clovis, Tristan
CB2 - Justin, Airabin*

PRACTICE Carriere, Jean-Nicholas (LB) Morin-Roberge, Jean-Francois (OL) Walker, Jo Jo (WR)* Davis, Jerome (OL)* Mitchell, Scott (WR)* Rasheed, Saleem (LB)*
NON-ACTIVE Robinson, Rontarius (DB)* Patrick, Terrance (DL)* Anthony, Cornelius (DL)* Harris, A.J. (RB)*

Come on people, nobody wants to try this?

i think your team would beat the Argo's

Wow thats tough.