Lets pick on the Stamps and leave the Bombers alone!

Well it seems when a bomber fan can not come up with answers or does not like an opinion they bring up the posters teams problems. This is for you thats pick out the problems the Stamps have. Lets have your opinion. Pappa, Piggy and Hank need not apply! :lol: :lol:

This was not cut and pasted!

red u expect to critisize our team but not get it back???? thats funny

Not at all James I would like you valued opinion here that is why I posted. Piggy, Pappa (dad) and Hank are well informed fans and if they which to post no problem. But I already know what they will post and I would respect their comments. Where as James yourself you have had some good posts but do not like others oipions sometimes. But yes what is your take on the Stamps! You will notice that most Stamp fans do not go boasting they have an Eastern or western all star qb when Mr. Burris has not shown this to his fans. Until he comes home with the treasured prize he will be nothing more then an average qb.

ive already posted them. have an amazing recieving corps, with a good but inconitant QB. all ive said was that we put up a much better fight in the east semi really. but yes what u say has truth. i do get out of hand and upset sometimes ill admit it. but i like to think that its because im so passionate about the bombers. im quick to get defensive

Good post James yes I know that already about you with many of your posts and I respect that. I am the same however, you call a spade a spade. Until a team proves other wise they are nothing but average.
The Stamps do have a decent receiving core, good running back, and the sore point on offense is the guy that pulls th trigger on the ball. He needs to be better or like many other qb's disappear into the Arena League. Burris has a problem he knows what it is and only he is capable of fixing it. If he refuses then good bye bring in another arm. You see the difference here James is I can be honest in my assesment of my team and it does not bother because it is true. That is why I want to read what other fans feel the Stamps need! I think this year they will continue to tweak their defense. I think Thurmon has got to go he is part of Burris problems.
With Boe coming in why have Thurmon a guy that catches a small percentage of passes and causes his QB to force the ball to him to make him the star receiver. Ha ha bad move!

yep, bring boerighter in, get rid of thruman. however what i post is what i feel the truth really is about Glenn. i may be blinded, or i may not be. he has improved significantly over the two seasons as a starter. had a great winning percentage and good eff. rating. i dont think theres anything wroing with having Glenn as our guy, if he improves like that agin, and stays healthy(however that one is a VERY big if) i think hes capable of taking this team all the way. he could very well be the eastern all star QB next season. if im wrong about him, ill admit it, just as i have with brazzell next off season.

Yay now we get to pick on the Stamps! :smiley:

The Stamps needs are surprisingly few. They seem well bolstered in almost every position. They have a solid defence. Arguably the best running back in the league (though I'll always back Sir Charles). They have perhaps the best kicker in the league (DeAngelos). They also have very good receivers. Heck I even think Thurmon is good as long as he is the fourth or fifth receiver (why Burris was making him the main target is beyond me).

So yes I really have to say that Burris is the problem that is holding back an otherwise outstanding team. Don't get me wrong Burris has a lot of talent. He just doesn't seem to have the head for the game. He makes bad decisions and is very inconsistant. He also seems to have problems with some of his fellow team-mates while favouring others. This has led to him making lesser players (Thurmon) his primary target and fighting with other, more talented players (Rambo). If Burris can't get his head in the game very soon then I think the Stamps will have another mediocre season next year. Either Burris needs to smarten up or he needs to pack his bags.

That's my two cents.

You are right he is your QB and yes he just might be a very good QB. But really throwing to Stegal most times would make any QB look great. With the addition of Armstrong this will help as well. Both guys are bookends. But the question mark here is the other receiving positions. Calgary has guys sitting on the bench that are better then your fthird and fourth receivers. But that is the cure for Glenn he needs targets more of them then we can say he is great or a bum.
Look at Burris the ewapons he has and yet he forced the ball alll season long to a guy that catches at the high end 30 per cent of his passes. How many times did Stamp fans see the ball hit his hands or lack of effort going for the ball. Yes I am hard on both of those two because they hurt the offense bad last year. Burris has the weapons andoes not use them. See my point. Put Glenn in the Calgary offense and see the difference. Burris had it out with Rambo early and the season and that destroyed the receiving core as far as effort.

Receiving CORPS, not core, darn it all!!!!!!

Anyway, I concur with the comments here. Thurmon is certainly the weak link in that receiving corps; Copeland, Lewis, Rambo, and now Boerigter, that's a fearsome lineup. Sit Thurmon down or replace him with someone younger and cheaper.

One strength of the Stampeders I always thought was the linebacking; but with White and Grace released, and Maxie now kicked upstairs, I am curious to see if they'll go back to a 4-3 instead of the 3-4.

Calgary and Toronto were the only teams to use the 3-4 in the past few seasons, and I thought the Stamps did it better, as they had the personnel for it. Now I'm not so sure.

Grace was the outstanding defensive player in 2005, and now he gets released. Did he lose it all of a sudden, or were there locker room problems we have not heard about?

Improvements for next year? The key is Burris. All the potential in the world, but he's got to eliminate the brain cramps (see the interception in the playoffs last year).

...Mr. Grace was not a problem in the locker room whatsoever....even when he was a healthy scratch he took it in stride and supported the team unconditonally....a true team player....a couple of younger guys just pushed him and the coaches wanted to see what they could do and maybe give John an incentive to work as hard as he could...he did slow down a little about a 1/3 the way in, but he is still a fearsome player...

...Barker is down in the US as we speak and has promised to come home with a list of potential QBs that will come to training camp, that is where we need to concentrate....

You can use core but seriously I could care less it is off topic.

You are right athey do have youngsters in thw ing and should give Thurmon the apple and the road map.

Grace had a large salry and with the younger cheaper linebackers he was expenable. I like Grace he was a class act even on release. The same with my buddy George White. The young guys beat them out of their jobs by price and and equal talent.
I have heard that the 3 - 4 most likely will stay. But you never know until TC.
Burris is a very complicated individual. With George Cortez as OC he better respond and quickly. Burris has worked with George in the past and he knows the offensive schemes George might put in place. Burris must make up with his receiving core or it will be game over for him. Despite they stated there was no harm with the spate he had with Rambo the group did not perform to their abilities after this happened. The receivers did much better with out Thurmon in the line up for some reason Burris thought he would help an old friends career by throwing to him all the time and of course the others would be upset over this. Many people were on Copeland but the guy did his job game in and game out. He drew a crowd where ever he went. The problem is when you force the ball to Thurmon all the time defenses key on it and the turn overs come in bunches!

...I gotta weigh in on this Thurmon issue 'cause I don't see it like you guys do....of Burris's 305 completions they break out like this:

Lewis 77
Copeland 54
Thurmon 57
Rambo 50
Reynolds 27
Howell 20
Others 20

....according to these numbers you'd have to say Lewis was Henry's favorite guy to get the ball to, and Thurmon caught only three more passes than Copeland....heck, if you look at all the Copeland pass completions that were called back he would have a bunch over Thurmon....I just don't see this favoritism that you all do....

.....as for the argument in Game two of the season, what I saw was a QB and a receiver arguing about a blown pass, about who was supposed to be where and at what time 'casue it was a game winning chance and you hate to blow those chances....but to say at that early time that the seeds of unrest were being reaped, I dunno, I just don't agree....

Good post red, but why was Burris forcing the ball to Thurmon through out the season. These stats do not reflect on all the dropped balls (by Thurmon) nor does it reflect on all those turn overs from forcing the ball. But again that is your opinion.
I felt since that little incident on the side line the receivers were not as available or the effort was lacking. Thurmon sucks! That is the best I can do for him. And if Burris continues to force the ball to him look for more of the same this season. :lol:

...totally agree that Thurmon dropped way too many this past year, no argument there.....why the 'forced' passes sent his way?....could be the position maybe, throwing to the wide out vs. slot, longer throw, more open coverage, more often you are throwing into double coverage....I can't find a stat on it but I'd hazard a guess that Henry threw more picks along the sidelines than say he did in the deep backfield....

I may have totally too much time on my hands but I checked the stats comparing the first half of the season to the last half with regard to Lewis, Copeland and, Thurmon.

During the first half Lewis had 42 receptions compared to 35 in the second half. Copeland caught 35 in the first half but only 19 in the second. While Thurmon remained about the same with 29 and 28.

Dance fans will hate this but the mid point of the season is about where the spat between Tom Higgins and his 2 brats began. Maybe the fact that Lewis and Copeland saw fewer balls in the last half wasn't due to Burris but with favouritism on the play calling from the bench.

Just some food for thought.

I think Calgary has a good team. Still, one thing I'll say about them is that they have the ugliest road jersey in the CFL.

Good observation and you just might have something there.

Okay, red I ll bite, but only because, and I can t believe I am going to say this, but Hank is not the problem, not entirely at least.

Your defence gave up an average of 374 yards of offence per game, only Edmonton and Hamilton gave up more, and well we all know how that story ended. Your defence actually lead the league in passing yards against with over 277 yards per game........defence really does win championships, despite what anyone thinks.....I told ya, you should have grabbed Banks in the dispersal draft.

while i did not really notcie that burris was favouring thurmon, i just thought it was a case of me not following calgary as close as winnipeg. however, i think thurmon is to expensive for what he gives calgary, now you have boerighter...... if thurmon doesnt cut it in camp, cut him.

With Boerichter added to the receiving corps, there are more dangerous receivers for the Stamps. I still think Burris is the QB for the Stamps. I also like George Cortez as OC. (No disrespect to Burrato…but…) This should be the year for Burris to step up and shine. I think the ingredients are there.

Which links me to the other post that I think Calgary will be BC’s biggest rival!