Lets petition the CFL to remove jersey ads

Didn't you get called out by a cheerleader on this forum for insulting cheerleaders a while back?
I don't think you are in a position to be quite so indignant.

Let's petition the CFL.ca to remove all the new moronic threads that are popping up in here lately. :cowboy:

Yea, good one… :thup:

Nothing wrong with that plane small CP sticker on the jerseys, CP is the major sponsor of the playoffs and the Grey Cup.

right you are BR.
All Americans (or any foreign/global fans for that matter) are more than welcome to post and peruse these forums as they wish.

CFF, these forums are open to EVERYBODY not just Canadians.

and xenophobia does NOT belong here.

I agree. I hate all these ads on jerseys and the field.

I’m fine with the existing ads, but NO further then those shoulder ads. The CFL needs this revenue stream, so I’m all for it. If you want to remove them when the league average is six figures, then go ahead, but until then, teams need the money.

GDragon, one thing has nothing to do with the other.

She sent that in a private message. My mistake was letting it be known.
Mine was a minor infraction for which I had apologized for

All I did was compare " cute little cheer squads" of the Stamps to the gymnasts of WPG and Sas

What CFF is doing is insulting a contributor just because he is American.

I think it's just how it is in the CFL...the league needs money, so you have to take it where you can get it...sadly. And the NFL is hardly free of similar things with stadiums named after cornndog makers, pants companies and matress manufacturers, etc.

I was referring to Europe. Just to make the point.

The ads are not going anywhere of course, but I did notice that although all teams have the "CP" patch, as I believe that's a league wide sponsorship deal, the other shoulder, which I understand is for the teams to sell to a local sponsor, is blank on some teams.....can't believe they can't sell that space....

I was making a joke actually.
When the corporate advertising logo is the biggest thing on the jersey after the player's number, what identity does the team have?
Hence my reference to soccer teams by their sponsor rather than their team name.

And I did find it funny to see two teams playing each other where the only thing differentiating the jerseys was the colours and a small logo below one shoulder. Otherwise, they were just two BMO teams.

I'm not a fan of advertising on jerseys at all, but I. Will have to deal with it as it appears to be coming - and larger than the current "patches" on CFL jerseys.

And yes, one does notice those, despite their smaller size.

I have to agree that the ads on the field and jerseys cheapen the overall image of the league and may adversely affect revenue because of that perception, in terms of lost attendance and viewership. I understand that the league needs the ad revenue but you have to balance that with the hit you take on the overall integrity of the league. Most of the people that I talk to who watch football don’t watch the CFL because they consider it bush league or second rate and the ads, I think are part of the reason. Comparisons with soccer and Nascar etc… are irrelevant. What IS relevant for the CFL is that the NFL doesn’t have ads on the jerseys and field and that’s who they are competing with in terms of presentation. I know that the CFL can’t compare with the huge stadiums and media coverage of the NFL but on television most of the camera time is spent on the plays on the field and the CFL can more than hold it’s own against the NFL there. Trouble is in the CFL that great catch is happening on the Tim Hortons logo.

The NFL doesn't need ads on jerseys to make money. Each team receives $226 million from the TV revenue and then the individual team like the Packers pull in $150 million "local revenue" which is from their "pro shop".
CFL teams only get $4.2 million from the TV contract.The Packers are the only public team in the NFL and their books are open to read.
Interesting that the packers have 115,000 people on the season ticket waiting list........... :roll:

[url=http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/13290743/green-bay-packers-financial-records-reveal-2264m-nfl-revenue-sharing]http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/13290 ... ue-sharing[/url]

The CFL needs revenue where they can get it, that small TV contract is locked in until 2022. Whether it's ads on jerseys or ads on the field the CFL needs it.

I understand the advertising revenue thing.

I have no problem with the small ads on the jerseys that are hardly noticed.

What I do not like is the electronic ads. Very annoying and distracting. Try to focus on the game but the eye still sees Napa Auto Parts or Pepsi whatever.

On field ads are a problem as they become slippery. Mostly in the fall when the weather gets colder.
Not so much in the East but in the West, so many times I have seen players slip on the hardened paint.

The sideline ads. Should be banned outright. Very dangerous. I remember a Lion that went throat first on one of those.
That was rare , but others have taken awkward falls on them.

I don't even notice the ads when the game is on. Couldn't even name one ad. The much needed revenue is vital to every team. The CFL is no position to be turning away advertisers.

Can anyone tell me what the "CP" patch stands for. This has been puzzling me for a few years now.

Canadian Pacific

I'll call BS on that one. If you asked 100 Canadians who like NFL and don't like CFL the reason why, I'd be surprised if any of them mentioned ads on jerseys.

They would say that the players are better, the quality of the games is better, and that some rules are silly such as single points. They might not admit that they are drawn in by the flashier coverage, the marketing/hype, and the gambling aspect of the NFL, but I think those reasons are also right up there.


I call BS on your BS call. If you read my post, I said that most don't watch the CFL because they consider it bush and I think the ads are "part" of the reason. Of course there are lots of other reasons, including the ones you mentioned.