Lets petition the CFL to remove jersey ads

Lets create a petition to remove the ads from players jerseys, and put onto the field or elsewhere.

Ads on jerseys is a soccer thing, and they really just wear shorts and a shirt anyway, but a football uniform is a much more personal thing. It's the players personal suit of armour, and the jersey over said armour is the symbol for team brotherhood, and as we all know... football is the biggest team sport on earth.

Not only are jersey ads disrespectful to the players, but they make the CFL seem bush league.

Also, I notice the Riders only wear the league-wide CP patch, but not a team chosen ad like the rest. So I assume the league-wide one is mandatory? If so... I wonder what the penalty of not putting it on the players would be. If I was an owner I wouldn't allow them on my team.

The field and sidelines are already littered with eyesore ads, so why do they have to be on the players?

Let's not !!!! It provides MUCH needed revenue,added exposure and causes zero issues on the field . Thankfully your not in charge of marketing for the CFL !

Chill TF out dude.

No argument on the facts ??? It's never going to happen. You may as well start another stupid thread that isn't taken seriously .


This topic started off funny with a ridiculous post, and then it became sad with a petty grammar argument.

Lol the OP always makes ridiculous posts. Then when ppl argue against him he reverts back to completely off topic things like spelling and computer coding language. Its like he uses these boards to teach us a life lesson about life.

But ya. No way do we remove ads from jerseys. Attendance is down. Tv numbers are down. We need that steady source of income. I could care less about 2 little patches on a cfl jersey.

I don't even notice them most of the time.

surprised that your isn't yor down in the states :slight_smile:

Ugh, nice rebuttal…

Their is nothing wrong with the ads. I hope they stay they’re all season long The ads are part of the CFL and there revenue stream.

I hope that drove you crazy.

I barely notice the ads anymore. I don't want the Jersey marketing to go crazy, but the 1 or 2 ad patches on the Jerseys don't bother me. If it raises a few bucks more for the league I am fine, just no Nascar styles.

Lets create a petition to remove the ads from players jerseys, and put onto the field or elsewhere.

  1. "Lets" is let's as in shortened from let us,
  2. "players jersey" should be player's jersey. The jersey belongs to the player so it requires an apostrophe,
  3. The comma is not required before the word and,
  4. "put onto the field" should include them as in "put them onto the field".

That is your (used correctly here) grammar lesson for today. I can finish the rest of your (again used correctly here) post for a small fee.

Class dismissed. :cowboy:

Sounds like you’d prefer to see the CFL much more dependent on gate revenues, and less on sponsorships. Fair enough.

Please tell me: when was the last time you bought a ticket to a game?

Why in world would ads on the uniforms make the CFL look "bush league". Outside of the NFL, MLB and NBA every sports league in the world has ads on its jerseys/uniforms. I don't want to see the CFL get as bad as NSACAR or soccer, but there is nothing wrong with a couple of small ads on the uniforms.

Ummmmm you spelled Hoopster wrong , just saying. :wink:

Is this your big problem in life ?
Those ads are so small they are not noticed anyway.
They are not like soccer jersey ads that take up the whole shirt.

My advice is deal with it. They are here to stay.
Just like alternate road helmets I hate so much. No matter how much I hate them they are here , so I best get used to it.

However, I am willing to make you a deal.
I will sign your jersey ad petition , if you sign my petition to remove that horrible Sara Orlesky from sideline interviews.
I will make any deal to rid her from the screen.

How can it look bush league when all the major soccer leagues in the world do the same and even more ads per shirt? They sure don't look bush league with the amount of money they have. Why would you care about such a small thing? It will come to the NHL some day. Problem is, the players are getting just way too much money and it has to come from somewhere. Can't really say they get too much money in the CFL, but here, the opposite is true... the league does not get enough revenue.

They have big corporate ads on soccer jerseys?

I was at BMO Field on Saturday watching the BMO red team playing the BMO blue team.
I didn't notice any ads on the jerseys. :?

But it did seem like a win-win for BMO and its teams.

(I also watch some English Premier League too. I'm looking forward to when my AIA Insurance team plays Emirates Airlines. :thup: )

"The field and sidelines are already littered with eyesore ads, so why do they have to be on the players?" by canadianfootballfan

In total agreement with you on that one! :thup: Unfortunately, the ads are not going to be dropped from the players jerseys. In my opinion, do not be surprised if the players start wearing more of them and even bigger ones. The advertising has become ridiculous. I'm there to watch a football game, not be constantly bombarded with cheap advertising.

The reality of Marketing is that it is a multi-billion dollar business. For about 3 hours spectators see the ads again and again. Every time you look at a player the company logo or name is reinforced in your mind. The marketeers know this and that is why companies are willing to pay top dollar to have their name or logo in plain sight.

Yes, it generates revenue and we must not forget that the CFL is a business. The game is no longer a spectator sport for me. It is simply a means to make as much of a profit as possible by any legitimate means possible. If a company is willing to pay millions to have its logo on a jersey because it knows millions of people will see it, a CFL franchise would be foolish not to take the offer. But it comes at a price.

I cannot argue with the fact that the advertising is a means of generating profit and paying the bills but do I want to go to an event where I am inundated with advertising until it is coming out of my ears? No! Advertising in general is getting out of hand. I enjoyed going to live games to escape the garbage advertising on TV. Now, those same commercials are aired in real time on the jumbo replay screens.

It used to be that I could listen to game on the radio when it wasn't being aired on TV. I would hear: " A Lions' completion on the Riders 18 yard line." Now, it's, " Another completion in the Chevrolet Zone or on the Midas 18 yard line". Just more subtle [subliminal] cheap advertising.

Am I going there to watch and enjoy a football or am I going to a an advertising conference where companies get to bombarding me with as much advertising as they possibly can hoping to win me over? I am less interested in going to live games than I used to be because of the ridiculous amount of advertising that is in my face for 3 hours. My choice.

OUR league - OUR board. ?????????

You go away. You have no right to speak on behalf of us ( Canadians ). A fan is a fan . Canadian or American.
Show some class and some respect.
BTW, the name calling ( H for the P ) real mature . Like grade school crap.
You are humiliating yourself.