Lets pay respect to our American players

As a life long Bomber fan growing up watching BROCK, CLEMMENS, and visiting QB's like Doug FLUTIE, I think it is time to pay respect to our American Players who choose to apply their trade in our Country. I think it would be a nice show of respect to start playing the American National Anthem at games. We should at least have it played at the 100th Anv game this year in T.O. Just a thought!!!

sure, once they start playing the canadian anthem at all their hockey games.

Why? You don’t hear the Canadian anthem at American hockey games even though more than 50% of the players in the NHL are Canadian.

Edit: FYB beat me to it. :lol:

^ What those two said...

I don't know why we have to anthems before sporting events at all.

so we know what country we are in

Not sure either, as there is no requirement to do so. According to the Heritage Canada website, it's up to the organizers of an event whether to play it or not, and whether to play it at the beginning or the end of the event. An imported American tradition perhaps?

Also interesting is that if two anthems are played at the beginning of an event, O Canada is supposed to be played first. Huh. The NHL has been doing it wrong all these years.

I have been under that impression that the order depends on which country (home team) they are at.

Anthems are played probably to help make a sporting event seem really important, bigger than life sort of thing. At least one reason for it anyways I'm thinking.

The American players get all the respect they need and deserve with a work permit and CFL pay-cheque. Playing a FOREIGN national anthem at an event involving only Canadian teams in Canada is simply WRONG.

On the other hand, why national anthems are played at sporting events (other than those involving actual national teams that represent the country) is inexplicable.

Rosane Barr isn't getting much work these days. Maybe the league can hire her to sing the American anthem at all the games.


What about that Aussie kicker - - might as well include the Australian anthem while we're at it. And I think Marwan Hage is from Lebanon, so you can't leave that one out. Then there's the guy from Trinidad that's going to be Jim Barker's secret weapon...

National anthems shouldn't be played at professional sporting events. Patriotism taken too far.

too far? no way

Wow! I am as proud a Canadian as anyone who has responded, however I am shocked that there has been no positive reponse to the suggestion of playing the American National Anthem. I personally love the Canadian Content however what would the history of the CFL be up to this point if there were no American Players? Warren MOON, Doug FLUTIE, Darren FLUTIE, Conredge HOLLIWAY, Tyrone JONES, James WEST, Jackie PARKER, Danny McMANUS, Willard REAVES, Anthony CALVILLO, Damon ALLEN, Joe THIESMAN, Pinball CLEMMONS, Gizmo WILLIAMS, George REED, and so on and so on!!!! Don't get me wrong, "our balls are bigger" and we have that "frozen tundra toughness", however our Canadian Players would not have been as succesful and had he careers they had if it were not for the American content. It would be a nice classy touch if they at least played it at the Grey Cup!!!!

It's only a few minutes long and I never mind saying Howdy to our best friend and ally to the south. Whether we like to admit it or not, we owe the States a thank you !

Considering where the Grey Cup actually came from, it should be God Save The Queen. :wink:

Actually I share the no-anthem sentiment.

Anthems at sports events are an absurd waste of time. I don’t give a flying crap what country you’re from, as long as you can play, and I don’t subscribe to all this nationalist nonsense. Nationalism is just religion substituting countries for God. It encourages narrow-mindedness and prejudice, and people end up killing in the name of an effing abstract series of lines and boundaries on a map.

That said, the American national anthem is a wonderful piece of music, superior to the Canadian anthem IMO.

Maybe we should also thank them for trying to take control of our country back in around 1812? :wink:

But seriously, if we are going to do the anthem thing and with around 1/2 the players being American, then why not I suppose.

My vote for best anthem would go to the Mongols:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vi4VHUfotug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kA0XN8VDh6k

Honourable mentions would be the French and the old Soviet anthem.