Let's pack the Rogers Centre!


well that’s just GREAT! :twisted:

Yeah...if you were even REMOTELY considering driving to Toronto, you should take the GO instead. That could be good for us though, as TO preoccupied itself with the parade.

Definitely take the GO Train. Way less stressful than driving, and you don't have to worry about parking. The 11:10 and 11:40 trains out of Burlington should be filled with Ticat fans, which always makes for a rowdy, exciting ride.

The parade is no wear near Sky Dome

This from the Argos

Fans should plan to arrive to the game early to be part of the Desjardins Insurance Tailgate Party outside Gate 11. Beginning at 11:00 a.m., this all-ages party will feature great games, inflatables and much more. Beer will also be available for purchase.

It gets better: There’s a Raptors game scheduled for the exact same time at the ACC!

I would not want to be looking for a parking spot before the game.


That's not the point, the point is people are going to be coming into town to see said parade.

Keep in mind, a light sneeze is all that's needed to turn Toronto into gridlock, nevermind traffic being diverted because of a parade route.

I guess my reply to this thread regarding Scalpers was removed? Ahh well...I guess Ticats want people to purchase tickets from ticket master and not a scalper for cheaper....

go cats.

Never liked Skydome as a place to watch football, and dislike that team in Toronto even more, but after yesterday in Guelph, I want to be there for the Eastern final to cheer on my Tiger cats. So, I booked a ticket with Carol Rose and her group.

Should be a dandy game.

Looks like the 500 level is open.

I'll believe that when I see the press release.

If so, that will be amazing....hopefully with many loud and boisterous ticats fans! :lol: :thup:

my bad, i mistook the 200s on ticketmaster for the 500s.
carry on.

Given the amount of tickets to sell, I think they will just stick to the lower bowls. That will be fine, for Toronto/Hamilton.

Despite what I was told today by a ticket rep about tickets 'selling out' I think they are just trying to pressure people into buying.

I dunno, it's only Monday and the lowest bowl, apart from a few spotty places, is down to the odd single seat here and there. Rough guess I'd say there are 3,000 seats left. I think you'll see some more excitement and hype gather momentum in Toronto as the week progresses and maybe get pretty close to sell out of the lower bowl by the weekend. Then there's potential walk-up.
I have no idea how the cost vs expense adds up in opening the 500 level but if there is demand, why not?

Take a look at the scarce number of seats available now - and it is only Monday. It looks to me like 30,000+ will be there on Sunday.

I doubt that there will be tickets left for the walk up to buy game day. At the rate those blue dots disappeared today, I'm predicting sell out of the 100 and 200 levels by tomorrow night.

So there goes my fantasy about the skydome being a sellout for the EDF!

It's only the freakin' Raptors... :roll: