Lets......PACK the house on July 12th

I hope that every Ti-Cat fan, that can, makes it into Ivor Wynne on Saturday July 12th when the Riders come to town. Our guys need the support, and after what we saw in Toronto last game, the team "deserves" it.
Bring your friends..relatives..even your mother-in-law (cough). And lets pack the house, for our Ti-Cats. :thup:

ALRIGHT :rockin: LETS DO IT!!!

i am expecting 3-4 thousand more than the home opener because of our win on thursday and the blackout.

so that would give us a crowd of about 24,000 ?

then if we win Against Saskatchewan...can you say....CELL OUT WEEK 5

I say around 24 is correct. With the game being blacked out plus winning last week, the walk up crowd and single game seats will be up for sure. If they win, the next game they black out, we will be close to 26.

I think we'll see a good crowd...And not just because the win. I think a lot of ppl were didn't go to the home opener because it was on a Thursday Night. I'm invisioning a beatiful Saturday afternoon in IWS...it's going to be awesome!


I am really hopeing that we can get a huge crazy crowd on saturday but on a bit of a selfish note lets not all try to buy in box B cause I am 6'3 275 lbs and do need a little bit of extra room. Ok..... thanks

Go Cats

Time for 13th Man to show Why IWS is One Place to don't want come if your the Visitor

Can't be there this week but I will be there full throttle for the game against Edmonton.