Let's pack IWS for the last game

Ok, our attendance has been down this year compared with the one before, and for good reason. But it would be great if we would pack the joint for the last game and really show how great of fans we are (just as good as Leaf fans) and I think the players will be impressed also that this is THE PLACE to play in the CFL.
Come on Cat fans, we can do it!


I'll be there....but this one is going to be tough.

If they were bustin there butts all season....maybe

Never compare yourselves to Leaf fans. Blind Leaf fans' loyalty is the single biggest reason for the Leafs not having won the Cup since 1967. The money kept pouring in no matter how bad the on-ice product was so the organization never had a real incentive to improve enough to contend for the Cup.

To be compared to Leaf fans is insulting (and I speak as a Leaf fan).

An Argo fan

With all the comps, ticket redemptions, etc. this game will be packed, (weather-permitting). Just wont be all paying fans.

Did you say "Let's pack IWS for the last game" or did you mean "Let's pack IWS for the last time"?

I agree fan support is very importannt.
I had high hopes for this year but .....
I trully believe 2007 will give us reason to
smile, they should make the playofs

For making me sit through Jason Maas' bumbling at Quarteback
watching our opponents 2nd and 3rd string QBs perform far better?

Most games this year I felt like a school boy serving a detention
watching the clock until my punishment was over so I can go home.

The guy who sits in front of me is about 400 lbs. He'd pack the stadium even if no one else was there.

If maas starts NO

When I went to England this summer it took me a long long time to decide how to pack to fill 3 cubic feet..... and now you want me to pack a whole stadium? Sheeeesh!

A 400 pounder, ouch, that's a big one in front of you rocky but I bet he has some nice eaties with him. Does he share?

We have 10 coming down for this game! The Swiss Chalet dinner deal is a good promotion!
A 1:00 o’clock start puts us leaving the stadium around 4:00pm so were heading to Swiss Chalet for dinner! :slight_smile: :thup: