let's not plan the parade yet!!!!

A few observations from tonites game.


  1. Lumsden is FAST. Not only finding the gap, but hitting it quick then OUTRUNNING defensive backs ( usually some of the fastest guys on the team).

  2. Jason Maas probably played one of his best games as a Tiger-cat. Gritty, controlled and almost always hitting the right receiver.

  3. Defense bent a few times but did not break. The Stegall td was a perfectly thrown ball that 9 times out of ten would have been overthrown.


  1. Penalties, penalties, penalties. Still cost us a few drives, and could come back to haunt us again.

One more note. Watch the replay on Anderson's hit (or tackle) on Stoddard. Stoddard fumbled before the whistle went or before he hit the ground. Should have been a loose ball!!!!!!

Play like this in Edmonton and it will be two in a row!!!!!!!!

Congrats Ti-Cat fans..it was only a matter of time. Each week your team has shown improvement.Jesse Lumsden was incredible. And I am glad to see that Maas is getting to the receivers, and they aren't dropping!!! Keep it up, you will definitely make the East more interesting for sure. :cowboy:

Lumsden was amazing! Great game tonight!! “We Will Win” Yeah right, You got eaten tonight winnipeg! Go Cats Go!!