Let's not make the same mistake again

With the eventual signing of Tate Forcier, look to see Quinton Porter released. In turn we will probably have QP turning into another Anthony Calvillo. Thoughts anyone.

Highly unlikely that Quinton Porter becomes another Calvillo. He can't read the field, and he has no patience in the pocket. He has two tricks: chuck the ball down field on vertical routes, or scramble. Good to see the Cats strengthening their stable of QBs. With a 36-year-old starter, you have to plan ahead.

Porter is not getting released, I can't wait to see what he can do with George Cortez.

Every successful team has at least one QB in development. QB position is the one fans understand the least... One of hte oddities of the CFL.

Not saying QP could ever be a Flutie but if you design an offence for QP that allows a lot of improvisation, like what Flutie had in the CFL for many years, QP might be able to read the field better in such a scheme. The guy can run with the ball that's for sure. :?

I wouldn't be surprised to see him let go after camp if he doesn't look amazing. Cortez will be making the call on this so if he thinks Boltus looks better than Porter there really isn't much reason to keep the guy around.

I think it would be a dumb move to release QP at this point. Boltus and Forcier are no where near close to taking the back up job.

Burris, who is 38, if he goes down, I'd rather have QP than Boltus or Forcier come in.

I have come to terms that QP is a back up and a serviceable one at that. He can do things to get you over the hump but he's not a long term 1st stringer. He's going to make a nice career out of being a back up.

Thing is, Flutie didn't just take off and run when the pocket collapsed. He scrambled, bought himself some time, and then found an open receiver down field. With Porter, it's usually just chuck from the pocket or tuck the ball and run. That's dead easy to stop once defenses key in on your tendencies. Take away the deep routes, keep the play in front of you, assign a spy to the QB, and wait for him to throw a pick. He's got a blind spot in the middle of the field: quite frequently, he's unable to see a linebacker showing blitz and then dropping back into middle-zone coverage.

The scramblers who have succeeded in the league (Flutie, Burris, Damon Allen) have all been able to make something happen via the pass when on the run. I've rarely seen Porter do anything except try to pick up the first down himself when he's flushed out of the pocket. Maybe Cortez can take him to the next level, but he's almost 30, has had plenty of CFL experience and still looks like a second-year pro out there.

Exactly. All Porter needs is some playing time and coaching. He should really blossom under Cortez's guidance and become an important part of the Cats offence. Probably half the teams in the league would want to claim him if he was ever released.

At this point, I say keep Porter as he's a much more serviceable backup QB then Boltus or Forcier but I don't think he will be the future starter at this point unless Cortez can work some magic. Keep him, but develop a new backup, that's my two cents.

Cortez however will know better then I though.

True enough discipline. The guys you mentioned Flutie, Burris, D. Allen, and I think Calvillo as well, all could/can run and then stop on a dime more or less as they are always looking around and dump it off to a guy 5-10 yards or so downfield, it’s not just a pure run type of thing all the time. QP might be a bit too tall for that type of manuerability though.

True, although your current starter isn't a pygmy and he's quite capable of throwing on the run, right? :slight_smile:

We'll see how Quinton develops. You have to think this is a make-or-break year for him. He's had several years in the league, many games as a starter, and many opportunities to grab the reins. Should Burris get hurt or prove to be ineffective, Porter will have to show that he's worth retaining, at least in a 'capable backup' capacity. Otherwise, I can definitely see Cortez cutting bait and turning another one of your QBs into the development project. Burris isn't getting any younger and it's absolutely vital to have a guy in the pipeline in whom the org has total confidence.

yup thats all he needs :roll:

I doubt Porter gets cut. The team didn't hesitate to release Baggs well before even mini-camp, so why would they wait to ditch Porter? It's not like they had anyone ready to replace Baggs on the roster, and just because they signed a QB doesn't mean Porter's on the way out. Forcier is a developmental player and a third stringer at best right now. The team might get rid of Porter, but I don't see it.

Baggs was basically invisible for most of the season and was being paid waaaaay too much money for what he contributed. Once Cortez arrived and reviewed some film, it didn't take long for Baggs to get cut. As for those who think Baggs wasn't used properly by the former DC, Cortez said, after reviewing film, he didn't see where Baggs was deployed much differently than the other DEs in the league.
You can't be as mediocre as Baggs and still earn that kind of money in this league unless you're a non-import.

It's really not necessary to invoke the name of Calvillo as often as we see on this board. It's becoming like our own version of Godwin's Law.

You completely missed the point. It had nothing to do with Baggs, I was using him as an example of the team not fearing letting a guy go without a player ready to take over. The OP posited that because the team signed Forcier, that Porter would get cut. If the team was going to get rid of Porter they would have done it before now.

If the cats want him as the third stringer does that mean they cut Boltus then? I agree with you that Forcier isn't anything more than a third stringer right now and thats why I think Boltus and Porter will be fighting for the second spot in camp.

Indeed. The logic is flawed IMO. One quarterback whom you released going on to a Hall of Fame career does not automatically mean that every quarterback you release will go on to a Hall of Fame career. See Chang, Timmy and Tafralis, Adam for more info.

Let me simplify it for you...

The team didn't hesitate to release Baggs because they knew, based on film of Baggs' declining performance last season, that they could readily find a more productive import DE and for far less money. The decision was a no-brainer.
Such is not the case with Porter, at least not at this point.