lets not go down the same road

Amen Ron, Amen!!

The following is only my opinon but you're welcome to it: :cowboy:

As fans, we all march to the beat of a different drummer based on our memories the team has provided to us over the years....that's how I have it figured anyhow.

Each year is a crap shoot no matter what with all sports teams everywhere so it requires a level of 'blind faith' if you choose to throw your support to one team in particular.

Myself, I'm a fan of that logo and history first and foremost....all the drama year after year is fun to watch and get into, but in the end, one must realize that there are hills and valleys with all franchises......nothing is guaranteed....look at 1986 for instance...... we were not supposed to win anything.....and we won the Grey Cup on sheer guts!..and 1972?....totally came out of nowhere and we smoked the league

....and then last year, the whole league thought we'd be unstoppable.....oooops :oops:

so who knows eh?.....have fun and enjoy!


Fans of the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and the Toronto Maple Leafs :lol:

PS: We're really going to do ok this year....good things are happening.....the last three years have been fun for me as a fan though....I just don't dwell on the negatives I suppose even though I hate losing at the time of a game but that's part of being a fan....