Let's...NOT...Cut JoJo Walker

In Honor of this previous thread...

"Let's Cut JoJo Walker"

TIED FOR #1 On the team With 2TD's

What now JoJo Walker Haters! :smiley:




i'm pulling for jojo i think he'll get the ball more , one thing maas does is he tries to distribute the ball to all his recievers.
that was nice catch it was directly below were i sit.

JoJo also showed total class in front of the camera after his TD tonight. His reaction was more love and respect vs cocky. Total class.

Yes it was and I'm guessing the ball point and chest pound was for Big Bro cmw1612 :stuck_out_tongue: and the blown kiss was for mom!

I am glad for Jojo

Great play by Walker. Suitor on TSN went out of his way to compliment how JoJo used a "veteran" move waiting until the last minute to react to the ball not giving Malvaeux time to react.

Great game by all of the receivers - Ralph, Bauman, Curry, Gardner, McCants, et al!

Or Or Or Ralph Brock a lot of fans were looking for his head.

Ralph doesn’t have physical limitations at least… he just has mental error issues. The problems he has can be fixed by good coaching. Hopefully after another game or 2 the off sides brain farts will stop.

I'm not at all surprised by how well Jojo played. I saw him at camp and I knew he was going to be a great addition to the team. He's a speedster and he's willing to put himself out there to make the catch and a great catch it was...

Great fly route td, Looks like Jo JO has studied game film of Darren , and Archie. :thup:

Thank you GB on the post.
Thank you guys for the support.

GB, Ok, Bore etc

Its safe to say that JoJo has earned himself more playing time. 2 TD's and counting so far!

Congrats on your brothers success, cmw1612.

Thanks Zenstate,

Happy to see that touchdown followed by a big win!

good to see your bro get the td.

Thank you emms1,

Its great to see all the support for Jo Jo after that last thread. I've supported him since camp and known he could very well be the next Derren or Archie! Personally I don't think Holmes should have taken Jo Jo's punt returning job but I'm all for the move if it means more playing time for Walker on offence.