What do you think?

Better names?

I think who ever pays the most, gets their name on it.

Could we have two Molson Stadiums in the CFL? Two Roughies why not two Molson Stadiums?

Of course like the Roughrider / Rough Rider issue, we'd have a Stade Molson Stadium of Percival Molson and a Molson Stadium of Molson-Coors so the same but not the same..


Honda Civic Stadium at Ivor Wynne Place.

Thank you, thank you. LMAO :wink:

By the way, I think the Captain is onto something there re "biggest offer gets the nameplate"...

Oski Wee Wee,


So then it's "City of Hamilton" stadium since the only two investors in the "new" stadium are the city and HOSTCO with zero private investment.

(just kidding)

How about Bob Young Stadium with not a dime of investment in the stadium for the ability to stick with the city and not pull out of this affair with the likes of what has gone on with certain council members and the past Mayor. :wink:

What do you think Captain? :o 8)
(just kidding)

Mentioned before - Hamilton Blackberry Field - Hamilton Arcelor Mital Field - Hamilton Tim Hortons Field - Hamilton RIM Field........................ Hamilton National Steel Car Field .................................

Lancaster Field, Molson Stadium are my two faves.

"Lose or Win Stadium". (Mostly lose.........especially in the playoffs!!!)

I'm emotionally exhausted and don't care anymore. Just build a stadium that ensures the TiCats play football in Hamilton (or the immediate area) for years to come and I'm in. If some corporate sponser wants to pin their logo on the stadium or team and that contributes to our team's wellbeing I'm all for it.

How about recognizing Gene Sutton in some way? I believe she was instrumental in getting Hamilton involved in the Pan Am games. If it weren't for her work, we might not even be having this discussion. She was/is also a local icon of amateur sports, which is what the Pan Ams are about in both the short term (the event itself) and long term (the facilities that are build because of them). That seems more appropriate to me than naming it after a TiCat player, coach, or whatever.

Gene Sutton Field at Corporate Big Bucks Stadium or Corporate Big Bucks Field at Gene Sutton Stadium. Something like that.

ex-Mayor Fred had some on speed dial, Cap'n,
ready to jump at the Rheem factory site.

Maybe they will come on board, you never know.

[just kidding]

That is an excellent idea, PiCat,

Corporate bucks do talk regarding Stadium naming rights

but one could name some room in the stadium after her, perhaps
the player's lounge or the alumni room the Dr. Gene Sutton room

or even one of the luxury press boxes.

The Rona Grey Cup Classic brought to you by Primus at Tim Hortons "TimBit's Field" in Molson Centre. :wink:

We already have one Molson stadium in the CFL. Leave it Ivor Wynne Stadium and if you must say "At " that or do what many NFL stadiums and name each of the gates after a sponsor with sponsorship signage over them. If they are feeling especially bold, have them set up shop right at the gate. A Tim Horton's or Molson gate concession would be supremely sweet. A primus one....err not so much.

Long Distance-Double Double-Silver Bullet Stadium.

Anything with the name Lancaster in it.

I know

AKT Stadium

All Kirks Teleported :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Merulla Marsh.

Sorry, couldn't come up with anything better....