Let's make some people jealous !

This morning, in Le Journal de Montreal, a french daily, there is 31 PAGES on the CFL...

Yeah baby, you read right... 31 PAGES !!! :smiley:

That's more pages than the WPG Freepress has for sports in 5 days!

I saw it this morning quite the spread.

I am jealous, although I missed the Journal pullout last Sat morn, I doubt it would have been 31 pages? How much of that was advertising though.

I didnt notice advertising so it could not have been much

I am jealous, although I missed the Journal pullout last Sat morn, I doubt it would have been 31 pages? How much of that was advertising though.

That is amazing, 31 pages is a lot especially on a newspaper which is like 4 times the size of a normal page on a book.

you lucky bastards - that's friggin more then our local rag on some days

Yeah, we are lucky.

There is the equivalent of 7½ pages of ads throughout the 31 pages, but 3 full pages of ads are directly related to the Als.

All but 7 pages are in colour, so the pictures are pretty neat (56 pictures overall for 26 articles).

Listen, I've taken many French courses, and it takes a lot more words in the French language to say the same thing in the English language. :wink:

But, I am jealous. :mrgreen:

Go You Thieving Bastard Renegades Go!

And I thought the Vancouver Province made a big leap with 4 pages today...Sigh

Have fun at the game tonight Third...we'll be watchin!

wow 31pages. i’ll have to get that. i guess since hockey is in the tank and no expos, the sports writers are hungry for work!

Calgary Sun has 12 pages of CFL coverage.

Star Phoenix has a full page on a good day.

The NATIONAL POST, had an 8 page CFL preview.

The GLOBE , Canada's national newspaper ? had 2 pages........well done MONTREAL!

yeah that is cool, i would kill for that kind of coverage, we only have one really good sports writer here in the peg so it doesnt matter, Randy Turner is the best sports guy in canada, last years free press said we were gonna finish 1st, man did i laugh, this year fourth, thank god its not so bysiis anymore, but yes i am jealous, maybe ur compinsating for ur so called sell outs…jk guys good luck tonight

What about Winnipeg?

YAHOO! we came close!

Todays Province had a special Lions feature. 24 pages! This is the most a Vancouver publication has ever had. It's still not the 31 pages that Montreal had, but boy, was I impressed this morning when I picked up my copy at the corner store. They also had 2 extra pages from last nights game and some misc. stuff. Wow 26 pages in one printing...unheard of before!

Profiles, features.......Long, long over due. I guess with no NHL the writters had nothing else to write and they finally gave the CFL and the Lions the COVERAGE THEY DESERVE!

I think I'll save this edition....Pinch me...I'm still dreamin....

Awesome stuff.. Football is apparently the fastest growing sport in comminities and the schools in P.Q. Maybe Quebec City should be the 1st choice for CFL expansion allthough sentimentally the CFL being coast to coast with a Halifax team would be great too! In any case, a great sign for the CFL . Riders fans will appear in either city anyhow. JUST BUILD IT AND WE WILL COME!!!


It shows the exploding popularity of football in Quebec. I can't remember any season in recent memory when the CFL has created such anticipation and excitement to begin the year. Love Cfl football.