come on cats..lets make this tiger cat game next week a sell out...you can go down to festival of friends before the game...head up to the game..supposed to be high of 24-25 next saturday....mainly sunny..all weekend is supposed to be nice...cheer on our 3-2 cats and then take off to teh festival friends and ..shake it like a human being....and be part of the wild wild party with KIM MITCHELL!!!! SHOW THE SUPPORT..Im coming from oshawa and going to be there all weekend ...GO CATS GO!!!

Absoultely, we'll need all the help we can to disrupt Ricky Ray and a LOUD sell-out crowd would do that.

agreed.....TigerTown unite...everyone bring 1 friend to the game on sat...let's sell the place out...this team diserves it!

There's a pretty good chance this game will be blacked out also.

From what I remember they have to black out one game in the summer. Makes sense to make it this one. They just put on a good performance in a game that was on TV. Edmonton isn't a great draw. Maybe if Jesse wasn't hurt but......

Cue the complaining.

Buy a ticket! Feed the Cats!!!

It would be nice but the truth is that any western team will never draw a sellout. Toronto is the only team I have ever seen get a sellout at Ivor Wynne.

They don't "have to" black out any games.
The only thing the league's agreement with TSN says they have to do is lift a minimum of 2 blackouts.
(Don't quote me on the exact number, but I'm pretty sure it's 2)

Wait, so if it is a black-out, it'd only be at a home game right?

Of course. What purpose would blackout out a road game serve? To make sure the TV broadcast got really low ratings?

"have to" were probably the wrong words. But if it's the same as last year the team said they would black out 1 game in the summer of their chosing. I have no problem with it. Bob young has been a great owner. I know some people don't think blackouts help the team but they do. I don't mind the team wanting to make a little extra scratch one a year on what would be one of the weaker draws.

On friday the attendence was just over 20,000. All season we've had attendance above 20,000 and BC was supposed to be a tough sell, so hopefully the stadium will be packe on Saturday.

This year they haven't stated that they would black out any minimum number of games. They also haven't stated would lift every blackout. In other words, they haven't said anything either way.

I'm sure, believe it was during the second year of the Young-era, I was at an Eskimos game that was either a complete sellout or damn near.
We averaged about 28k that year, so I don't think that was entirely because of games against Toronto.

We're rolling now...this place will be stacked soon. Give it a bit of time....it took a lot of years of losing for people to hold off, but they'll be back. The gameplay isn't turning people off anymore...those who were there last night WILL be back. That was exciting and fun as hell.

The spirit of the crowd is so much different this year. I lost my voice for a bit during the 3rd...too much appreciation for the D!! And there were a lot in the same boat. Everyone was rising to the occassion. That sells tickets.

yes!! Ill be honest I cant remember the last time I've lost my voice at a cats game but last night it was definitely gone.

8) :roll: :roll: :roll:

Seriously Tipper.. can you please contribute a little more to the forum than some stupid eye rolling emoticons. Thats all you ever do.

8) Some comments are not answerable in words.

I will be buying 1 extra ticket for my sister in-law. This will help make it a sellout and for noise she has a mouth the size of a football.

I wish I could get the girls from work to go, all they do is talk, talk, talk about nothing and laugh, they'd add some "natural" sound certainly. :lol: