Lets make it 3 for the Esks!

Grass stain green and dollar store not-so gold. This once storied club is down, and I say lets kick them. Lets make sure Edmonton hears about it when they come to Mosaic this year. THREE PEAT, THREE PEAT, THREE PEAT!!!

Wouldn't it be great if they did just enough to have a shot at a playoff spot the last week of the season, then in recent Eskimo form blow it and reshuffle the players deck but retain dancin' Danny. Now there is an ideal situation! What were they thinking this offseason? I know it remains to be seen but consider this a not-so-bold prediction.


Quite inflamatory post… You might want to consider they improved their team not sure about the Green Riders. If they do make the playoff they might need to send a cheque to Tillman :slight_smile:

...you do realize he's allowed to say that kind of thing here, don't you? Yes, it may be ridiculous, but he's within his privilege to post it...

Personally, I think the Riders and the Eskies will be battling for that final playoff spot in the West. It'll be close. The Eskies have improved......but not much. The Riders have definately got worse. I think it'll come down to the last week of the season until the playoff spots are solidified.

The Riders lost Kenton Keith last year. Lost 10 starters to or more. Every one said the Riders were going to be worse last year. Sky is falling. Remember? Birdman the Riders won more games last year than you have posts.

As long as the Green and Gold have Danny M and Rick Campbell leading the team I don't think they'll be all that good. They had a pretty good team on paper last year too.

I concur, DUST! Machoka and Campbell are only there because of the "Old boy's club"!