Let's make an insane amount of noise when Ricky Ray and the argos have the ball

Making noise when the other team has the ball makes it very tough to run their offence as the players can't hear the qb and cannot hear any changes to the original call which is a huge advantage. Often times teams have to go ahead and run the original play called even though the defence is setup to stop it . This because they can change the call on the fly ( an audible ) due to the crowd noise. The toughest place to play due to noise is saskatchewan and teams tend to have to waste valuable time outs and get penalized on time count violations all due to the noise.

I am asking that you spread the word to make us much noise as possible when Ricky Ray is in the huddle and when he is behind center calling out the play. We can make a huge difference in the outcome of the game. It also shakes up the offence and emotionally lifts the defence. It is intimidating.

So look around the house for a cow bell or borrow one from a friend or bring one those cfl blow horns . and of course use your voice stomp your feet and encourage others to make noise .

and also be quiet when we have the ball until after the play has been made

Let's help this team and June Jones make this a miracle year . Beating the Argos is something we love to do more than anything and this will just bring that much more confidence to this team as the Argos are playing well of late and have a very smart qb and smart coach in Marc Trestman .

Let's make Rod Black have something good to say hamilton and their fans. Let's have them vote us the fans as the player of the game


I'll even bring a horn!

Also could someone cover the deep fad route he is going to throw 3 times to the corner of the end zone tomorrow please.

Very funny Killhorn :slight_smile:

Yeah he sure likes throwing those deep corner end zone throws . Let's hope we blitz him alot and cover the receivers well.

I think a key part of this game is how much we blitz and how effective we are ..courtney , simoni or dean tend toi blitz..maybe we can surprise them with a corner blitz from kanneh ?

We need the stadium to be loud and intimidating like red neck country bar

Bring the cowbells, The cats D hammered Ricky Ray the last game, I expect more of the same chris van zeyl is out and the Argo oline hasnt been that great this year

I'll be blowing the horn and ringing the cowbell.