Let's make a deal

I can see Barker playing safety next season, after he gets settled into the team's system, and remaining there for a number of seasons. As for Bauman, I'm not sure what his future will be like, but yes, he has been thrown to very little this season so far.

Give 3 examples of Bauman droping a ball this regular season.

Too had.

Show me 5 from last year.

Baumann is one of our best down field blockers, and last year did quite well when our horrible QBs got him the ball.

This year he has not been worked into the game plan (Coaches want to see what the new guys can do?), the QB's don't even look his way...

Are you kidding? did you even watch the argos game? game 1? Porter over the middle to Bauman for what would've been 12+ yards, drops it. Porter throws to Bauman on a crossing route across the middle, drops it. BC. Porter throwing to Bauman deep downfield, drops it. Obviously your only watching highlights and not the whole game, and notice how Bauman's not in a single one? I'm so friggin sick of hearing Porter intended for Bauman... Incomplete. 15x a game.

He's a 6'4" SLOTBACK FFS. It's really hard to get lost unless there are DBs around you. That is a separation/pass route running issue and if you don't get open in a spread offense, well, that IS a problem. Hence invisibilty.

Show me eight examples of... LMAO

Nice try. :wink:


Milton: "He had some strong games in his rookie year, but also some rough ones, including a drop on a possible game-winning touchdown in Edmonton that seemed to invade the part of the brain where self-confidence is stored.

"It was tough," he recalls. "A lot of receivers go through that and it's all about how you bounce back. It took me a little longer than I'd like. The guys have been very good, reminding me to put in the past."


Last year?

Peters:"Cat receivers continue to drop catchable balls. Chris Bauman, Prechae Rodriguez, who needs 91 yards to break the 1,000-yard mark, and Mitchell were all guilty of drops."


I'm sure folks can dig for more themselves. I see how Fantuz, Clermont, Cahoon, and other NI slotbacks have developed over the years and in general, going into year three, you see rubber hitting the road. Bauman has 83 catches for 1003 over the 40 regular season games since he was drafted. That's 2 catches for 25 yards on average per game. Scintillated yet?


He has to make the most of whatever opportunities he has this year. Stala has played his way up the depth chart and now starts. He earned that. Will Carter play Bauman off the team? Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,

2007 he dropped a key catch against Edmonton we all know that, you name me one receiver that has not dropped a key catch. Never mind a rookie. The next play he was interferred with

2008 Peters (The most respected football reporter) says he dropped passes, so it must be true. Sides that was one game he was referring to.

Get lost? It's hard to be seen when the QB doesn't look at your side of the field.

Add the fact that Bauman is dealing with his 3rd Offensive Coordinator in 3 years...

But run him out of town.

Barker has played in 4 games but isn't starting, lets run him out of town too...


I'm not for trading him. Be clear. Or Barker. Okay?

I'm clear that he is where he should be on the depth chart based on performance. He has to pick it up. Produce when he is on the field. Period.

Oski Wee Wee,

We're having a similar problem with Deslauriers in Montreal. Big, rangy NI receiver who just isn't able to create separation to get open. Granted, Deslauriers plays in the wide-side WR gulag, while Bauman is in the slot, but it's the same essential problem. If you never get open, your QB isn't going to look your way a whole lot.

Perhaps as a result of Bauman not getting separtion from his man in the slot
he was moved two games ago to the wide side Wide Receiver position

If you never get open, your QB isn’t going to look your way a whole lot.

Due to the extra distance a pass has to travel to the wide side WR
a limited number of passes are thrown over there, mostly long balls,

the type of passes which suit Chris Bauman because of his height.

There was this one guy who was a young canadian receiver who had some drops at bad times who played for Hamilton a couple years back. He had a great work ethic as I think Bauman does. We shipped him of a little to early now he's catchin' 100 passes a year for the Eskimos.

You're willing to give up on Barker already? One training camp, 4 games and coming off a broken leg and you're going to deal him? Besides, I doubt if you'd get much him at this point since he's still an unknown quantity as a pro. As for Bauman, I think this has to be his breakout year or it'll be his bye-bye year. So far, I haven't seen much.

An Argo-Cat fan

What do you think about this trade:
Rogriguez for Bruce? Argos would be happy, Ticats would be happy.

You would trade a young underpaid up and comer with a great attitude for an over paid past his prime player with a questionable attitude ? I wouldn't make that trade personaly...

I wouldn't trade him either. It was a question, what do you think about trading for Bruce? The Argos would want something substantial in return.

is Fantuz on the trading block???

it IS his fault if he's unable to get open.

this seems to be kerry josephs problem in toronto.

actually, there seems to be a lack of receiver depth across the league.
montreal, sask and calgary are the only teams unaffected by the problem.