Let's make a deal

I think we should trade Chris Bauman and Dylan Barker to Saskatchewan for Andy Fantuz.
Both are Rider Home boys and Fantuz is an Ontario boy.
That will solve a few problems in the recieving Corps

Stala is at least as good as Fantuz.

We don't need to make that trade!

And leave us with a glaring hole in our secondary with regards to the future of the position.

So your going to give two NI who can contribute for a guy who's in his option (Fantuz) :roll:

The coaches seem to have a confidence issue with Barker.
With Beveridge starting at safety that tells me it's over for Barker he may just be another special teams player. And Sandy is not good enough to start.
Hamilton has not had a decent safety since the days of Hitchcock

Hamilton needs to start developing players (draft picks) or they will never be a powerhouse in this league.

No Deal Howie .. Tell the Barker he is staying in the Hammer

And I agree with you whole heartedly.
But sometimes you have to suck it up and admit you've made a bad choice, cut bait and try and move on.
Fantuz is in his option year and is still very young, the type of guy you can build a team around.

Dylan Barker has played 4 games after missing a season with a broken leg. I think it's a little too soon "admit you've made a bad choice". As for Bauman, yes he's not producing so far on offence. But our QB's, mostly Porter have not been looking outside that much. He's also been fantastic blocking downfield.

Also why would Saskatewan make that trade.

I vote all random, "Why don't we trade our underperfoming guys for another team's Star" be banned.

Good points Ticat1991

Football fans used to just be armchair QB's but now they are even armchair GM's.

Hey vjcos.. why don't you go into Ticat headquarters and tell them you want to apply for Obies job. Let us know how that goes.

I wouldn't give up on Bauman just yet... I agree, his pass catching is inconsistent... but that will right itself with more experience. However, he has made some monster blocks this season. Case in point... his block that sprung Terry Cualley for his TD against the @___s in game 1. I was sitting right there at the game with my binocs trained on him... He literally destroyed the guy. He has made a number of equally impressive blocks in the subsequent games.

Barker hasnt had enough game experience to start him yet. Two training camps with different coaching staffs for a rookie isnt going to get him ready yet. (and I know barker technically isnt a rookie,ok!)I think the ticats should start putting him in certain times during the game to get him more acquainted with the defence though. As for Bauman, it`s a hard situation. I think the staff has to decide to make him a permanent starter. You improve by getting put in certain spots during a game sometimes. It seems almost every week there is a change in the starting backfield (with the last week where we had two backs, williams and cobb) or the receiving corps and I know some of it has to do with the game plan for that week.

Why would the Riders trade Fantuz again?

:D :D :D

Essentially, the train of thought is that you would get a very good young slotback with an injury history who is in his option year for an underachieving one and a safety with an injury history.

Please understand, I'm only trying to think like a GM as an armchair coach. LMAO

I have heard or read nothing that the Riders plan to replace James Patrick (an import) at safety or replace him with a non-import. They also have Daniel Francis (another import safety) on their practice roster. I believe their first priority will be to find a replacement for LB Carlos Armour, who fractured his left leg today.

I would rather develop Matt Carter to push Bauman than let go of Barker as well for a rental. At a certain point, Bauman could be used as trade bait for a draft pick or packaged to move up in the draft, IMHO.

I think a lot of folks around here have caught on to a new idea: it's time to develop players in TIGERTOWN and stop horsetrading that only leads to other teams getting stronger at one's expense down the road. Trading two Canadian first-round draft picks for one makes sense when one has the depth to do it. It seems that four games equals out the door might make sense to some, but I do believe Dylan Barker and the Ticats deserve better than that.

When one states that the Ticats haven't had a great safety since Hitchcock and your fallback option is Beveridge period, I don't think that is such a good idea. I believe we need to develop the eventual replacement for Beveridge in-house. Sandy is a character guy whose hitting and special teams skills make him valuable to have around, IMHO. However, I believe a better speed option is necessary for a starter. I am hoping it will be Dylan as the months progress. It will take time, but it took time for Hitch too.

Oski Wee Wee,

I would hold off until he actually starts, which I think should be this Friday.

The guy hasn’t played in a year and isn’t even starting right now. There is a lot of rust on him.

I am interested in seeing what we could get for Bauman but I wouldn’t expect much in return. A NI with a couple catches this year.

Since you brought it up, my understanding is that technically -- as far as the league is officially concerned -- Barker IS a rookie because he didn't play any regular season games last year.

No offense, but I'm thanking my lucky stars right now that you are not our GM. No thanks, Marcel.

It's hard to be a star when the QB never throws to you. I don't think Bauman has dropped a pass this year, but he has not had many balls thrown his way either. Not his fault.
Barker is coming off a serious injury last year. The longer we can keep him out while he learns the game the better. Give the kid time he will be a starter soon enough.In the mean time Beveridge is getting the job done just fine.
Fantuz would be great to have but I suspect he will be going nowhere in a hurry.

Bauman did drop quite a few already and the ones he did catch weren't for very many yards and he just barely caught it. Stala's our N/I star now, and the future stars are Matt Carter, Dylan Barker, Simeon Rottier, and Zac Carlson.

Tor Sun says Bruce's agent thinks the most likely scenario is the Argos will simply release him outright.

Like the Glenn deal Obie doesnt have to give up anyone he doesn't have to or think is expendable. Like Glenn, Bruce finds Ham. the most appealing team to start over with. When released the only thing stopping a deal is $$$$$$$.

IIRC, in the Mtl game, no passes were thrown to Bauman.
Gonn be tough to develop with nothing being thrown to you.