lets look foward to next year!!

I know we had a dissapointing year this year but i think there is a turnaround coming. We have so much to look forward to next year. Yeah we had some good players who came to the Ticats organization this year but i have to admit there were some players that i doubted. With a few changes in teh line up and using our good players to our full advantage is the key. Especially when talking about corey holmes.

But before we can look forward to next year I think there has to be a few changes.I think once we get a head coach which is pretty much our first priority we can start fixing this team. Marcel and the new coach can figure out what quarterback to bring in to help out Jason Maas.
I think we should bring in Henry Burris or Kerry Joseph to training camp. Casey Printers is a possibility too if hes available. Maybe even a guy like Spergon Wynne who looks good or a Buck Pierce from B.C. I dont think we should just hand over the starter job to Jason Maas. Make him work for it.

Our offensive line needs work and we need to add some good tackles. We need a few good receivers to help out Davon Fowlkes and DJ Flick. Corey Holmes should be the running back and Jesse Lumsden as the fullback. Put them both in the backfield at the same time and using Anthony Davis and Julian Radlein as backups. Those are the changes i would make on offence.

As for the defence, we have a pretty good crew already if of course Jason Goss comes back.

I like Sam Young and lawrence Gordon as corner backs.
I also like Tay Cody and jason Goss as defensive backs.
As for the safety thats still to be debated i think.
We need to get someone in there like Beveridge or maybe even a Renard Cox or a Phillip Gauthier.
I dont think wayne shaw played good at safety.

As for the linebackers, I would look for a new middle linebacker. I would move Agustin barrenchea to outside linebacker and i would ask bobby Brooks back to training camp to try out. I like JoJuan Armour also as a outside linebacker.

As for the front line, Tim Cheatwood and James Cotton are awesome defensive ends and Clinton Wayne and Roger Dunbrack are pretty impressive also. I would also keep Anthony Collier and Steve Josue.

I was thinking since we do have 4 solid defensive ends in Cheatwood, Cotton, Collier and Josue maybe we could slide one of them to middle linebacker.

I think these are the kinds of changes that can change this team. Its not totally the team itself, i think its just how we use the players we haev already with some minor changes.

But overall i think were going to have a great year next year. Everything will come together. Im predicting that were going to at least win 9 games next year with these kinds of changes and to bring in a good mobile quarterback and some top quality receivers.


As an outsider being an Als fan, but having a soft spot for the Cats (having been born and raised in Hamilton), allow me to say that you make basically good points Oshawaguy. I think the idea of Holmes and Lumsden together in the backfield is a good one; I think that if he comes back, Goss gives you two of the best defensive HBs in the league (him and Cody); Gordon looks like a real star on the corner.

I agree you are weak at MLB, so I'd certainly be talking to Calgary about acquiring Coe or Grace, who seem to have fallen out of favour there, for reasons I fail to see.

Where I don't agree with you is at QB; no way are you going to pry Joseph out of Saskatchewan or Burris out of Calgary unless it is at a price that I think would be too high. Better to look at acquiring someone else's backup who is ready to take the next step, and also a US College hotshot to join with Williams to give Maas some competition.

But I personally wouldn't look at Wynn, as I don't agree with your statement that he "looks good"; I thought he looked pretty poor. After seeing him play this year I now understand why he was only fourth string in Winnipeg last year. Better I think to look at who might be free agent or available at a reasonable trade price among Jarious Jackson, Rocky Butler, Trevor Jyles, Jason Johnson.......can't see BC parting with Pierce.

After watching Joseph yeaterday,hechose to tuck the ball and run too often.
Idon't want that kind of QB,this isn't the first time he's played that style of run too soon IMO,he's good but not the one for me if my vote is counted...?

"Let's look forward to next year!!"

Unfortunately, we've been doing that since the middle of this past season.

Actually, we've been doing that for the past several years. Let's hope 2007 is kind to all of us!

Now that the year is over and the BC lions won the grey cup which they deserved to win..lets look at next year and getting a coach now. We need some players like Cahoon and a top quality middle linebacker on this team. Show us something in this off season..something thats deserving to us hard core fans across this great nation.

As far as i know, John Grace was released already by the Stamps, so he would be available.

I for ONE, can't wait till the news starts POURING out of Ticat Headquarters.

I eagerly anticipate the SPIRITED debates, for example, that are sure to follow the OFFICIAL announcement of the new HC ... I can just hear it now !! .. followed by the ensuing Co-Ordinator announcements ... followed by some of the trade rumours ... followed by the Free Agent signings ... followed by the cuts to current HEROES on the roster ... followed by ...

Anything that is ONLY POSSIBLE in the CFL !!


P.S - Did I mention the debates after a COMMISSIONER is named !

Yes, the Stampeders did release John Grace. He'd be a free pickup for the Cats, and he just might solve your problems at MLB. He was defensive player of the year in 2005, he can't have lost it all in one year can he? However, to be just cut loose like that tells me that there might be an attitude problem here that we don't know about.

Anyone think the Cats should look at trading Maas to Calgary for Burris? Might give both those QBs a fresh start........just a thought.

tackle Uzooma Okeke would be nice pick up.
Since we have had Problems with one Tackle Spot last Season.

OKEKE Free agent Signing

Of Course We may have Rookies who May Compete