Let's Kickstart a Stadium


I'm a long time CFL fan and current season ticket holder in Ottawa. I am worried about the situation in Toronto and as everyone knows, a new CFL sized stadium in Toronto would help resolve the majority of the issues facing the Argonauts. Since no one is stepping up to make the new stadium a reality, why don't we start a Kickstarter fund? The plight of Argos puts the entire league at risk; therefore, I have no doubts that fans from around the league would give generously to help get a new stadium built in Toronto and ultimately keep the league strong for years to come. I have seen Kickstarter collect millions, yes millions for simple things like a new board game design (see Zombicide). So surely this could work for a large scale project like a stadium.

Let me know what you Argo fans think.

A noble idea :thup:

However, if there is apparently a 10 million $ shortfall (the federal gov. contribution) to get phase 3 to BMO rolling and get the Argos in, that's a relatively smaller target than a new stadium.

May be onto something there!

I will spam every media outlet if someone gets this going. Real talks