Lets hope we keep the right players for the right reasons

As training camp comes along and cuts start, I hope the pesonnel decisions made are in the best interest of the team.

My point being if Maas, and even Williams out-perform Rocky in the QB battle, that they appear that way on the depth chart. Rocky the career 3rd string guy does not get a free pass because of the grand amount that the GM gave up for him.

Even all these non-import special teams guys that Dejardin has picked up from his deals (mostly from Quebec universities). If Kojo, or Fleming for example are the better players, I hope that they do not get cut because they were not brought in by the current decision makers.

Let the best players win the camp battles no matter how big their name is, or how they were obtained!

I agree.... even if it means that Maas, Kojo or Fleming are completely shown up by the newcomers.

May the best men be anointed with the Black and Gold.