Lets hope it doesn't take another 37 years to get 12 wins!

1970 was the last time we got 12 wins!

please, don’t let it take 37 years to do it again!!

I'm hoping for a total of 16 this year. :slight_smile:

same. And lets hope it isn't another 7 years before we can win in Edmonton. Thats another thing Kent Austin has changed, small but still makes the list of accomplishments grow.

The Riders have definitely made significant strides this season, but I don't think a 9-9 record is bad. It's a lot harder to win in the CFL than it is in the NFL. I'd say a 9-9 season is good. But congratulations to you guys.

hands Chief another beer

Classy comments sir.

Hey dust, any chance you can change the opposition in your logo to match the color of the team the Riders play each week?

I could, I saved all my images of the players. I had actually had that in mind when I made this one it's just been a combination of being sick, being busy with school, and ultimately being lazy that have led me to not updating it :wink:

I'll see what I can do tomorrow, I can update it for the Argo game possibly.

Congrats Sask on your win against Edmonton

The Riders have made significant gains this year and I would be very proud of your team if they were my team and even if the Riders don't win it all this year and I'am not saying they won't because they very well could! Don't get down on them because what they've done this year to improve the franchise will only improve them next year. Your Riders are going to be a force for the unforeseen future. Hopefully my Bombers and your Riders will meet in the Grey Cup! If not this year then very soon!!