Lets hope Hank stops confirming Austin made a mistake

Yup , and remember kids there is no " I " in team..............BUT there is in BurrIs....and WhIner....and Shove It... :smiley: :cowboy:

Tough crowd. Guy starts a thread to slam my team's starting QB, in the Tiger-Cats forum, so I point out that Burris' fingers aren't exactly weighed down by championship rings. He's been a pretty good regular season QB, and I enjoyed watching him play for us, but with one exception he hasn't delivered his teams to the Promised Land, despite "turning them around" single-handedly.

As for Lancaster ... how many teams dumped him once he'd established himself as a starter?

Correction bobo, there is an "i" in Team, and it also describes Hank perfectly! :wink:


Whining hanky watch this video loser suck hole : Respect the TIGER !


LMAO !!! Ya see , I told ya Hank was a big A-Hole !!! :smiley: :lol:

Post game interview with Hank the Crank , I guess it was past his bedtime........don't cry Hanky :cry: :smiley: