Lets hope Hank stops confirming Austin made a mistake

Well Hank has a chance to put another feather in his cap Friday by putting us out of our misery again.

He lived through that Cortez year and put up huge numbers 5,000 yard season in a bizarre year.
Hank added legitimacy to a young Austin team and lead us to the 2013 Grey Cup and got cut lose for his time. Pretty great Eastern Final against the Argos in Toronto that year.
Collaros got us there in 2014 but didn't have the finish to get the job done with a great team.
Hank knocked us out of first in the regular season and got lucky but made the pass to Ellingson in the Eastern Final.
He did the job last week.
We'll see if he finishes off Austin tomorrow in the how you like Collaros now series!

Is it just me, or did you choose language that skewed things a bit?

I remember one blow-out Grey Cup game, and one that went down to the wire.

Hank is a sore loser and a big whiner

Is that a typo? didn't you mean "winner"?
Yes the guy is passionate and gets upset when he loses, call it whining or being outspoken. If he falters you know that Harris will be put in there.

Not a typo Jimbo , last time I looked this is the Ti-Cats home forum not the TWOCOLOURS . :wink:
In fact I'll even add to the list here with.......Hank is a sore loser and a big whiner and one of the biggest A-Hole's in the entire league......bar none. As for Hank being a big "winner" the Cats and RB's are even in that department.......He's lost a Grey Cup for both teams BUT to Hanks credit he did turn around both teams all by himself :lol: As for being outspoken Hank has never met a live microphone or camera that he hasn't loved. :roll: Yup that Hank is a great guy , just ask him ,he'll tell ya all about how great he is. :cowboy:

Of course Burris is a winner. 13 years as a starting QB, in a 8-9 team league, and he already has one whole Grey Cup win!

That's one more than the other great winner of his generation, Kevin Glenn.

SHOVE IT !!! You tell em "Humble" Hank !!! :roll:


The only thing Hank has over Zack is health. I give him all the credit in the world for staying healthy, not to mention last year his team stayed healthy around him.

Having said that, if Zack, Owens and Tasker stay healthy this isn't even a conversation.

Full credit to Hank (and Ottawa) for beating us when they play us, cant fault them for that. But this guy pretty much gave away the east final at home by throwing possibly the worst ball in history to a defensive lineman, playing a backup QB, in a game they should have won by 20. We just didn't take advantage.

Lol bingo...Glad this was crossed off the list in the first reply.

Hank isn't a bad quarterback...and he has shoved it in our faces...but we used smoke and mirrors to get to the Grey Cup with Hank and when he had a chance to start and play the majority of the snaps in the Grey Cup, he looked like an absolute deer in headlights. I'll never forget the ball flying over his head and him just standing there like he'd never played football before in his life. Hank was truly bad that day.

I'd make the same move today to grab Collaros if I had a chance to go back and change things, and I am sure Austin would too. Also I am sure Barker would go back and sign Collaros then maybe we would have been stuck with Hanky. Oh well, good thing Barker has lost his mind last few years.

IMHO, This is Hanks last year, He will be on that TV Morning Show in Ottawa, as soon as he collects his CFL bonuses.
Probably by February 2017.

Ron Lancaster only won one Grey Cup as a starting QB. The same can be said for Marcus Crandell, but history remembers the two of them differently.

I’m glad we have Collaros, but when people try to minimize the accomplishments of people who have performed at a high level for a long time, it gets pretty tiresome.

If Ellingson's defender hadn't tripped on his shoe-laces, we wouldnt be talking about a Redblack victory against us! Ellingson ran his route, throw was made to him and noone was there to knock down ball. They got a bit lucky as they did the entire season with minimal injuries!
As for Burris, couldnt afford him given that Collaros was our future. Still believe it was the right call!!!!

Very well said, safetyblitz. I agree with you 100%. I was never much of a fan of Hank, but he's had a very good career in the CFL.

Also don't forget the only time Collaros played as the starting QB against the Burris lead Redblacks on Oct 31st, 2014, our Ticats were victorious. Since then the Redblacks lead Burris barely beat the Cats in Hamilton last season (thanks to a terrible penalty call against Brandon Stewart, which the league admitted it made a mistake on), beat our team pretty good in Ottawa last season, barely beat a Masoli lead Ticats team in the East Final last year, and beat our team with our backup QB again by one point last week, in a game with another controversial call.

 Bottomline, Austin made the right decision and I would rather have Collaros over Burris anyday.  I'm looking long term and hoping everyone is able to stay healthy next year and the Cats win the Grey Cup in Ottawa.

I agree with that too.

I no longer have any respect for Henry Burris nor for his sense of entitlement and self importance. He played himself out of Saskatchewan, Calgary, and Hamilton. Please don't ever again compare, or even mention him, in the same post as my sainted Ronnie Lancaster!

Hank loses, and I am going to celebrate with a Scotch. I am ashamed, aa a Christian, how much I detest that man!

Ah you know that "dear old smiling Hank" (who probably isn't smiling too much at the moment) is going to say all of the right things but he'll not be happy about losing to our backup! Of course he should have lost to him last year in the EDF!

Same story as always... when hank wins it's I I I I I... when he loses its we we we we we.

I simply have disliked Burris from the day that he left the Riders and negated all the things he had said. I dislike lying.