Let's help Taaffe out...do this Charlie!

Ok folks, since he can't seem to get the job done on his own let's help him out. And hope he reads this.

Complete this sentence...

"If I were head coach of the 2007 Ticats, after going 1-10 I would _______________________ ."

Here's what I would do:

1 - Fire Jo-Jo Walker. What the hell was that play last game??? Make a statement...get fired up! Get pissed off, I know I was! Fire that bum!

2 - Get a new Defensive Co-ordinator. Doesn't take much to see he doesn't have a clue. Just ask Moreno.

3 - Hire some veteran defensive players (if we have room after signing Printers). These rookies are getting creamed on every play.

4 - Get Casey some protection. He can only work his magic if he has time to.

5 - Sign a guy with hands like Flutie, Stegall, Simon (again, if there's room in the salary cap). It helps if we actually catch the ball. Looks to me like Ralph keeps hearing the footsteps and is afraid to get hit, and Beaman catches like 50% of the balls thrown his way.

6 - Punish players off the field for stupid penalties. Every time we get a positive it comes back with a penalty. If you make a mistake like Jo-Jo Walker did you either get the boot or are fined $1000 or something. Mental errors are a big problem with these Ticats.

I could go on, but with these 6 changes I think we would see a completely different team. What do you think? Agree/disagree? Let's get this going and I'll print it and mail it to Charlie myself! At the very least it will keep the fans happy, and Lord knows we need SOMETHING to be optimistic about.

This has got to be one of the hardest years ever to be a Ticat fan. Even worse than the 1-17 season.


"If I were head coach of the 2007 Ticats, after going 1-10 I would [i]not listen to the fans and certainly not read this board[/i] ."

Protect Printers, role out Printers, keep Jesse healthy and here in Hamilton and fix the o-line as you said.

Our db's are so tentative that they are giving way to much much cushion.The Winnepeg dbs closed us off a yard or two short of first down a couple of times where as we let guys make 15-16 yeard receptions. You cannot do that in football and that is a basic. You have to cover way better than that. Yes, I realize we have a lot of first year guys so I'll cut them some slack for the remainder of this year but not 15 years of slack 5 to 7 yeards at most! If they get beat we're supposed to have a safety back there somewhere!

Gee, now that helps doesn't it. I think it's obvious that he needs help, hence the post. Anyone watching the games can clearly see that.

Why not actually contribute to the thread instead of being an ass?

Or better yet, why not just shut your mouth if you can't contribute positively.

Of course the team needs help. They're 1-10. Getting it from fans is not the right place.

Why not actually contribute to the thread instead of being an ass?
I'm not being an ass. I'm quite serious and I think I made a very valid contribution. I take it you disagree with my input since you're calling me names...

My advice to coaches and players is do not read these forums. Seriously.

Or better yet, why not just shut your mouth if you can't contribute positively.
I did contribute positively. You just didn't like my opinion, so you tell me to shut up.

I think it's ludicrous to ask fans to give Charlie help. it's an honest opinion. I don't think you'd get any kind of consensus from the fans, especially from an internet board. Furthermore, I would think that very few contributors on this internet board, if any, could be able to give him help.

I don't think there's any point in telling Charlie what's wrong. He knows what's wrong. Of course he's trying to fix it. I really don't believe the solution can be found here.

I really think it's a destructive practice to take advice from fans on an internet board. I really don't want the head coach of my beloved Tiger-Cats doing so.

Of course you think otherwise, but that doesn't make me think you're an ass nor does it make me want to tell you to shut up.

Seems there is tons to do listening to Mike Hogan on the FAN 590 this morning . He was doing a hell of a job slagging us . Saying him and a few other guys and the woman at the FAN could beat us . Gee Mike , I know we havent won many games this season but it`s not like your Argos have won a ton of games either .

It`s a typical Toronto bashing of Hamilton , but i thought you were above that Mike . I guess not !!!!

Watch out Mike , were gonna get better cause were young , your team is old and crumbling !!!!!

"If I were head coach of the 2007 Ticats, after going 1-10 I would be a tad too busy working twenty four hours a day trying to fix this train wreck to have the time to listen to armchair quarterbacks."

Point taken. I saw you trying to squash my thread before it even got started and I have to admit, I got a little pissy.

I have to disagree though about telling Charlie what's wrong. If he knew what was wrong why are they 1-10??? He should have fixed all of this ages ago.

And I also disagree that he shouldn't read the comments on this forum. What better way to be a fly on the wall to hear what evangelistic fans like us have to say on this very active forum. This is an invaluable resource to the coaching staff...some of the guys posting here actually seem to know what they're talking about.

I would quit my job because there is way too many holes in this team for a coach to fix. Every team in this league knows what players to pick on every game and there is nothing any coach or D.C can do about that except to keep replacing those guys. It would just be a waste of time to coach this team until they bring in more talent and Bob starts spending more money on players instead of thinking coaches can turn chicken shiit into chicken salad.

I have to disagree though about telling Charlie what's wrong. If he knew what was wrong why are they 1-10??? He should have fixed all of this ages ago.
If you think this mess was [u]easily[/u] fixed ages ago, you probably aren't in a good spot to give Taffe advice. :wink: Hoowever that being said I think its a good topic so here's my advise for Charlie.

1st Buy the best set of ear plugs you can and wear them to the games.

2nd Take a big piece of paper and draw a line vertically down the middle. Right all the positives on one side and all the negatives on the other. Ahh, I feel better already Moreno, Setta, Cauley, Printers, Special Teams, etc etc. No work on one negative at a time. We are improving and once we get over the hump (mind you a big one) things will start to improve quickly.

3rd Capt Morgan spiced Rum with Coke. Won't help the team at all, but it will help you forget.... :lol:

Exactly. We have a handful of players who are keepers and the rest of 'em should not be in this league. Marcel has snookered himself. He got a pile of guys cheap to leave lots of room under the salary cap. Now it looks like he has used up most of his reserve to get Printers but is stuck with a team that is not up to the level of the rest of the league…with a few exceptions.We all know who they are.
There are two ways to improve when you come in and rebuild a team. Develop promising younger players or buy a winning team. I think Marcel has ended up with a patchwork of both approaches which has been disastrous. It looks like, as Angelo Mosca said Saturday night, they give Charlie a bunch of jigsaw-puzzle pieces and tell him to put them together. I would add that its worse than that because some key pieces in the puzzle are missing.Like the OC and DC.
Whats worse is that there does not seem to be ANY improvement regardless of what is done. This is what is making things so disheartening. The way things are going right now, there will be no further improvement unless the OC and DC are gone. Thats not likely to happen until the off-season.
So for 2008…here we go again. Another new version of the team will be trotted out with much fanfare. Unless they learn from the past hiring mistakes however we could be in for another season of ineptitude.

"3rd Capt Morgan spiced Rum with Coke. Won't help the team at all, but it will help you forget...."

I'd use Appleton Estate in place of Capt. Morgan but you are bang on with most of your points.

I've read about Coach Taffe and I'm not sure about him, but he's has an impressive background. I think he is a very nice man, and I feel he needs to interject more forcefully his expectation of this team. Now CP is full of fire and anticipation, but he also needs to be coached and COACH TAFFE you need to be the leader first on this team, then CP. Coach Taffe this team needs a SERIOUS, COACHING STAFF, that demands excellence and you can't baby these men, you have to push them to their limits and if they are not up to the challenge, then you must find someone else who is....I'm not hopeful at all for the rest of your season, but I do believe each and every players needs to know everytime you step out of this field you are being evaluated, and if you are not cutting the MUSTARD, then your days as a ti-cat is numbered, and remember other teams are watching you, and if you're not putting out 110% effort, then who else will want you on their team....COME TI-CATS you would not be where you are if you did not have some talent, so dig deep and find IT!!!!

although of course this wont be read by charlie my advice I would give him if I ever spoke to him and this is coming from an ex ball player is to just get fired up on the sidelines and show some emotion, our coach is our leader and if he's not fired up how is he going to get the team fired up. Charlie shows zero emotion on the sidelines, in press confrences or interviews he is way to mello and does not seem like someone who should be coaching the cats a team rich in being an up tempo team that plays with heart. It seems as if our heart is gone this year and I can only blame Charlie for that one as like I said he shows no emotion and emotion is heart, just my opinion.


If they can't get themselves fired up then they shouldn't be playing pro ball.

I'd go for a bottle of El Dorado 15 year instead of the Appleton Estate, though it's good too. I would not read the posts on this forum. If I did, I'd get two bottles.

  1. fire coordinators or at least light a fire under them

2)get C.P. some protection

3)improve secondary

#2 and 3 are up to Marcel though, not Charlie.