Let's hear no more complaints about CFL officials

I didn’t watch much of the Super Bowl but I did see the last 5 minutes (and Beyonce at half time :slight_smile: ) and what some/many consider to be a blown pass interference call in the end zone against the Ravens. I didn’t care who won but I thought the 49ers got robbed for a chance at a possible go-ahead TD in the last 2 minutes.

One of the on-air announcers tried to dismiss the play as a good non-call and contact with a receiver is allowed within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage. He also tried to use the asinine justification that you don’t make the call at that point in the game anyway.

The other announcer rightly pointed out the line of scrimmage was the 5 yard line and the contact (and clutching and grabbing) continued 2 yards into the end zone.

Plus it drives me nuts to justify a different criteria for following the rules dependent on the importance or consequences of making a call at that time (whether it be football, hockey, basketball… whatever).

If it’s a penalty and called in the first 5 minutes of a contest, it should be a penalty (and called ) in the last 5 minutes, or in over time, etc.

Part of what bothers me about many NHL games… different rules for different times and circumstances in a game.

Bottom line… the highly touted NFL officials can also screw up and influence the outcome of a game.

*** Another obvious penalty not called was during the subsequent Ravens punt. One of the 49ers trying to reach the punter (who was wasting time running around the end zone) was blatantly being held around the waist buy a Ravens blocker. Easy to see in the open field, it looked like a poster image for the Heimlich Maneuver. That call would have had little effect on the outcome but it should have been seen and made anyway.

Agree with everything in longtimetcfan's post.
That non-call gave us a nice chance to compare NFL officials with CFL officials and I think that would have been called up here. But, it robbed us of a good opportunity to compare the preparedness of an NFL coaching staff and ours, in recent years. I'm sure Coach Jim would have shown no hesitation calling for the 2-pt. conversion. It was setting up nicely for super-overtime situation.

Yup, that's an interference call 9 times out of 10 and should have been called IMHO. Poor officiating I would say but it happens in every league.

wow from someone who only watched "5 minutes" you know a lot about the game, what happened, all the referee calls etc

"Highly touted NFL officials" who ever said they were highly touted?

Great game!! and yes some bad calls.

I watched the whole thing and the whiner niners got away with a couple of doozies earlier in the game. The refs didn't do a great job last night, but I don't think that was a catchable ball (unless the cheerleaders were the target or the receiver had go-go gadget arms). There was a lot of back and forth and tugging going on in that game so I think that non-call was consistent with how they weren't calling the whole game. Wouldn't have even been close if one the 49ers didn't run outside and cut the power :wink: I was cheering for the Ravens (Go Torrey Smith) so I was happy with the outcome. The National Anthem made my ears bleed though. Why do people try to ad lib a National Anthem?

They called it like that all game. It would have been ludicrous for them to call that holding (which would have been the correct call because the ball was not catchable so it could not have been PI). I personally think the refs missed a lot of calls on both teams but they were consistent I believe for both sides as well.

I really wish I could get into this argument because I saw so much I could argue about...but I am just going to enjoy my teams Super Bowl victory in silence and not talk bout the zebras blowing the game. This is very typical reaction when the Ravens win..."wait...how did THEY win? ... certainly not because they were the best team...that's just not possible, they're the Flacco led Ravens!!" :lol:

Refs in both leagues miss calls. Refs in both leagues make good calls. Refs in both leagues make terrible calls. Refs are human beings, errors are bound to happen.

Worse non-catchable passes have been called in the past in similar circumstances.

Despite being in denial and getting their panties in a knot (you know who you are), thank you to the NFL fans for confirming that there were many blown calls on both sides.

I didn't have to watch the whole game to know as much and I didn't care who won but it helps make the many criticisms of CFL vs NFL bogus and inaccurate.

As stated by another poster, many mistakes by many officials in many leagues/sports occur.

It's just that the CFL is often dissed while other leagues are held to a different standard.

*** And I don't hate the NFL, especially since it's become more CFL-like (ironic for the NFL loving CFL critics), I just prefer the CFL :slight_smile:

I agree that the non-call was consistent with the rest of the non-calls, although the call against SF earlier in the game didn't seem to be much worse. But I'm not sure the ball was uncatchable. I seem to remember it landing not too far out of bounds, so it was probably only seven or eight feet off the ground when it left the endzone - possibly an easy catch had the player not been slowed up by the contact.

As for the back-and-forth contact, was the contact by the receiver an attempt to get separation? Or was it to break the hold the defender had on him? Really hard to say. I'm positive that up here it would have been called interference on the defender. (Even contact initiated by the receiver is often called defensive PI up here. Sorry, pet peeve.)

I missed the anthem, but I heard she set a record for the longest version at a Superbowl. Totally agree - stick to the tune. The American anthem is long enough as it is without quadrupling (or more) the number of notes in it.


For the fans that only saw the 49ers getting "screwed" (Which is basically everybody with their blind love for the team) don't forget that Torrie Smith got interfered with much worse earlier in the game on what certainly would've been a TD grab.Instead it lead to a punt.

The announcer was right. " No Call was the right call," particularly the game was poorly officiated and
several calls were missed.
In terms of the national Anthem, I thought I heard part of a lyric stumbled over early on. This would mean
that Alica Keyes was live. Did any of you hear that she was recorded.
More importantly, I thought that Hudson and the kids from Sandy Hook Connecticut did a fabulous job.

First of all, the announcer was a dumbass. It was not a good non-call, it was a blatant holding penalty that should've been called and especially at that point in the game regardless of whatever non-calls there were before. The ball was completely catchable and the receiver barely needed just two steps to reach it. Because of those incompetent refs there is a good chance that the wrong team will forever have their names recorded in the win column of Superbowl 47(?). Sorry but that ending really pissed me off and I didn't even care who won.

Lastly, what a bush league :roll:

I beg to differ, that ball was NOT catchable.He would've had to Santonio Holmes it and still pray for the best which is very unlikely considering he dropped an easier one for a TD earlier in the night.

I think the whole was it catchable thing is stupid. an infraction is an infraction regardless

its like trying to say, stealing doesnt count if the victim doesnt need the money.

I also think saying one flag is relevant but the other isn't is stupid.They were both the same no call, it evened out, the end.

"I mean, it felt like there was a lot of contact," Crabtree said. "I don't even want to say this, but if the ball had been a little lower, giving me a chance to make a play, I'm sure they would've called it...."

Now, Im still sure they would not have called it as they allowed the DBs to be overly physical all game but you heard from Crabtree's mouth himself. He couldn't make a play on the ball = uncatchable.

The weirdest part about this whole thing is that Crabtree didn't even lobby for a call during the game. Doesn't that kind of tell you something? WRs are notorious for lobbying for PI calls with the refs, even after plays that are 100% clearly good non-calls. So why didn't Michael lobby during the game if he thought he was held? This is the SUPER BOWL, you'd think if he even thought just a tiny bit that he was held up...he would have let the ref hear about it.

Obviously Crabtree is telling a different story after the game but just some food for thought.

Thing is this would be the EXACT opposite story if they made the call and 49ers ended up winning, you'd hear all Baltimore fans complaining (however I doubt many other teams fans would be :stuck_out_tongue:). I'd like to think I wouldn't have complained, but I likely would have. Just nature of being a sports fans...big wins hurt and everyone wants to find a skapegoat.

We can all talk bout the call till were blue in the face but in the end, history will tell the story of the 2012-2013 Baltimore Ravens: Super Bowl 47 Champions :rockin: :smiley:

I don't understand what some people are getting at here. The ball seemed uncatchable because the receiver was held up in his route. Obviously the receiver couldn't make a play on the ball.

The more I watch it the more I think they would have called offensive pass interference if that was a better thrown ball and Crabtree caught it. There was a whole lot of contact between both players there and Crabtree pushes off Smith at the very end to try and make it to the ball.

Also I think their was a miscommunication between Kaep and Crabtree. Looked like Crabtree wanted a back shoulder fade while Kaep threw a fade. If Crabtree would not have stopped and looked for the back shoulder and instead ran right through Smith to go try and get that fade, I bet he would have got a PI call because Smith likely would have noticeably tugged on his jersey, instead Crabtree allows Smith to jockey for position with him then when Kaep throws the fade, Crabtree pushes off to try and catch an uncatchable ball (moreso because of the miscommunication than anything but it still would have had to been one heck of a grab).

That's my assessment of the situation and I'm sticking to it. A good non-call.

While I can get as frustrated at errors by the officials both NFL and CFL, one important point us arm-chair referees have to always keep in mind is the real Refs only get one chance to see the play, from one angle on the play and have to watch in real-time.

You and I get to watch in slow-motion over and over again from half a dozen different camera angles. Something that seems obvious to us TV viewers, with the benefit of multiple angles and slo-mo, is not at all obvious to a ref on the field.

As every good receiver will always tell you, the players prefer it when the refs "just let them play", instead of trying to police the game too closely. Football is a contact sport. Good receivers and good DBs like it that way.

In sum, I thought it was a very entertaining game and thought the refs did a good job by erring on the side of keeping their flags in their pockets.

Well true enough, if they are going to have a so-so game, then at least do it so-so by not being flag happy, that I will agree with.

In general, I think the officials in the CFL do an amazing job. Rewatching plays in slow motion shows that they almost always make the right call, with the exception (in my opinion) of PI and to a lesser extend holding.

I suspect that players and coaches are more frustrated by inconsistency than by seeing too many flags. (I know it frustrates me big time.) Not knowing one game to the next, or especially one play to the next, what will draw a flag I'm guessing would drive players nuts. It's a lot easier for officials to be consistent by not calling anything, which is what we saw on Sunday. They consistently allowed the players "to play the game". (I don't watch enough NFL games to state whether this is the case all the time.) CFL officials, on the other hand, seem to be trying to make the "right" call, and unfortunately, given the subjective nature of pass interference, end up not being consistent. It could simply be the difference between different officials' styles (three officials responsible for calling PI around the field) or different angles by the same official on similar plays. Perhaps if the officials were all instructed to ease off on the PI calls?