lets hear it for obie

Obie has done a great job i know we need to see prodution first but he put every peice in place to be produtive. Goodspeed Guathier Gullariy,Kirk and Glenn I Belive we have made the best moves out of anytime in the leauge

Absolutely, Obie's gotta be a sharp talker lol, he keeps getting us fantastic players for practically nothing. I have nothing but good things to say about him, he really seems committed to bringing a Grey Cup to Hamilton. UP WITH THE TICATS!!!

Let the flaming commence.

I just got a mental picture of a bunch of guys with beer guts and wife beater shirts with black and gold pom pom's :oops:

You should really stop taking candid photos around Main and MacNab


OOOOOOO B He's our man !



This is coming from the same guy that said this last week in another thread:

"I know what you mean. We make one good move other teams make 4 good moves. Obie better get after some of the talent out there or we're going to have a case of what happened last year where during the offseason we looked to be way better and able to compete with the teams as they were in 2007. But the league got better around us. Why do i have the feeling that's happening again?"

Yay Obie!

We're Grey Cup bound in April! :roll:

Cmon guys there is no arguing that this trade improves the Ticats for this season and possible the next couple seasons. It wasn't cheap by any means but it isn't easy to get an all star OT.

Wins and losses will be the final verdict. But seriously does this sound like a GM and an organization that "doesnt know what it's doing"?


Screwed a major divisional rival twice inside a month.

I think Obie's doing a great job.

Some felt he wasn't doing enough in the way of getting us new players.... well, I believe he is.

Some say there's no sense giving him kudos now, it's only April, let's wait and see how the season unfolds. I don't agree, but maybe those who feel that way shouldn't comment at all until September or so; they certainly shouldn't criticize him if they don't think its timely to applaud him.

Seems to me that since it is April he should be doing the things GMs do this time of year.... making trades, signing players, getting ready for the draft. That's just what he is doing. I think he's doing it very well and am happy to say so.

Season results, TBD of course. Off-season work, excellent. 1 for 1 so far I'd say.

I was born and raised in Hamilton but I don't get back there terribly often............so tell me, what's the meaning behind the reference to Main and MacNab? I recall the intersection but don't know to what you refer...........

After getting jerked around by the Bombers in the Moreno trade, Obie has struck back, taking Gauthier, Glenn and Goodspeed away from Winnipeg, and giving up virtually nothing (except salary) to do so.

And you have to think that any of these former Bombers who now play for us will really want to kill Kelly’s crew when we line up against them in 2009. Call that “the X-factor.”

Well there is one thing Kelly can look forward too, Is the first overall draft pick in 2010.
We will be happy to give up that right for a chance :rockin: .

What a great off season of signing veteran CFLers
to bolster both of our lines and provide QB support!

Just like he did with Wally in Calgary and B.C.,

Obie is bringing in the right players.

IMO, our rookie Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille chose
the right coaches to develop them into a winners, too.

Hopefully we will soon get the results on the field
that Wally did with the players Obie found for him.

The conspiracy theorist in me still believes Moreno demanded a trade probably to get away from Printers.

OBie is a proven GM - just what this organization needs to correct itself.

Hopefully he's out looking for an impact DE and WR now.

8) How right you are "whoknows" !!!! So ironic isn't it !!!! As changeable as the weather !!! :roll:
 Anyway, Grey Cup here we come  !!!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I agree great Deal :rockin:

I like OL alot now..

Great trade!
I hope all these great new players and coaches find their groove quickly. If they do this could be an exciting season.
And we don't know what surprises Obie has for training camp either.
Like I said in a recent post..." I sure as heck would not want to player poker with Obie!" 8)

Obie is just doing his job.

Let's let the season determine how good of job Obie has done.

I believe the Grey Cup is awarded in November when 2 teams are battling on the field and not in April with 8 teams on paper.