let's hear from you start chang fans!!!!!!!!!!!

I'M ALL EARS!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Maas still still sucks balls. He was playing against a secondary with three injured starters.

Jason has had a wonderful night.

There. LMAO

At least Chang got 1.5 minutes to build his confidence.

Most of all, I'm glad Maas showed up in the red zone. Is the Spectator wrong? Is the Ti-Cat offence "Working" now?

It looked like it was working, but I am not ready to say its "working" if you catch my drift, the score would of been much different if it wasn't for Jesse finding them holes and running for two amazing TD's

I don't really know if this comment is warranted because Maas had 1 good game out of 6 but, I cannot disagree with you, he played well tonight.

It's one game.

Score would have been 63-22 had Chang started. so there.

You know what I'll give Maas all the congrats he deserves BUT lets be real here he had threw a bunch of balls that fluttered and wobbled a lot when throwing over 20yds and our receivers played AMAZING!

Kudos to Jason for playing a somewhat consistant game and proving a lot of Maas haters wrong but lets all not make him a god figure after one game.

Now Jesse Lumsden on the other hand... GOD! :lol:

Jason had a great game for his limitations. He actually through a long ball in the 4th quarter against the wind that impressed. Overall though he has only upped his range to 20 yards(double that of last season but still not nearly enough) The long pass makes me believe there is an outside chance that he may yet heal but he's still not there. BTW I was never a Chang fan. I just dont see that Maas is the guy we need if we are to be a championship team in the next 3 years. Still don't but you have to keep him on the field after that game. I still think a platoon would make us better

No, Maas has had more than one good game.

And…he threw several passes with “zip” tonight.

16-21, 220yds.

3TD’s , O Ints.

34 yds rushing on 6 carries.

And to all you "rocket surgeons :wink: "… Jason might not have done it without Jesse running for 200 yds, but…Jesse is on our team and we actually have plays designed for him to run the ball.

That’s how it’s supposed to work!

I still prefer Chang.

It's still very likely that Maas is going to really get it one of these games considering the way that he runs.

You finally have seen the light ROTFL. No he's had one decent game thats it

No he hasn't

(Back to you AC)

all 3 td passes he threw were right on the mark with some zip and touch, you cannot dispute that.
but like i've always said the TEAM won and it was a team effort.
ive supported maas thru all this but i still think chang is part of this team's future. it shouldn't be an either or thing.


It's not a Chang versus Maas thing.

I'm happy we have both.

Maas and the whole team played well and deserve a lot of credit. This teams been improving weekly so lets hope they continue to do so. Hopefully Chang will start next game and…
just kidding, Maas deserves the start.

I though Maas played reasonably well tonight but I'll defer to you, Maas hasn't had a good game in 2 seasons ROTFL