Let's have Maritimers pick the name

:? I've just been scanning the 16 pages of arguments over naming a team that doesn't exist. Most of the folks in the forum are from outside the Maritimes so they won't necessarily be the ones buying the tickets or the merchandise for a new team. So what do you people on the E-coast have to say? Whether Halifax or Moncton or some point between... what would YOU like?
:? I've just been scanning the 16 pages of arguments over naming a team that doesn't exist. Most of the folks in the forum are from outside the Maritimes so they won't necessarily be the ones buying the tikcets or the merchandise fhat would YOU like?
ST john's hornblowers............... right mate.......

The fact is the name could be anything and people would eventually buy into it. Just look at some names already existing in the CFL. We wouldn’t change them for all the money in the world, but there are only few chances they would be top choices would the team appear in 2005.

  • Edmonton Eskimos… Could we imagine Edmonton with any other name? No. But lets say Edmonton never had a team and was an expansion team now… Eskimos? Why??? There are about as many Eskimos there as there are tigers and wildcats in Hamilton. Not to mention, in this era of politically correctness, Eskimos wouldn’t even be considered because of its pejorative meaning (it means “Raw flesh eaters”). Inuits would probably get the nod… if we put aside the fact there are none in Edmonton, of course.

  • Montreal Alouettes… We love it because it’s always been our team (forget the Concorde and the Machine… those were small glitches in the football universe). But why in the world would you name a metropolis’ team by the name of a bird you can’t even find there? Montreal isn’t really about birds and nature anyways. And the only thing we know the Alouette for, is for having its feather ripped and its beak and legs torn appart in some kids’ song. That, in itself, is also very questionable.

  • Toronto Argonauts… What is Toronto? Toronto is the largest and most industrialized city in the Nation. It’s about business, it’s about money, it’s about fast pace… Which would make a name like “Argonauts” totally pointless. Boatmen slowly sailing in a time where wood and fish were the top goods (the Maritimes could have gotten a team back then)? Old warriors of the sea? Is that the best you could come up with today for Toronto?

So it’s all a big nonsense, but we’re happy with it. Just look at the Ottawa situation. Renegades is a cool name. But they want no part of it. They want THEIR name back. We stick to our team no matter how relevant the name might seem.

So the team in the Maritimes could be called the Sheeps, the Hot Rods, the Peanut butter n’ Jelly men, in the end, people would love their team and wouldn’t want it named any other way.

True, if you were to use those names now with no “basis” for using them, then it would be weird. But you have to keep in mind these names have been around for so long - and even though people do get used to names over time, those names were relevant from the time they were installed.
For example, the Argonaut rowing club formed a football team to keep busy in the off-season. Rowing, boats, Argonauts, quests across water … you can see the link.
Likewise, back in the 20’s or 30’s, there was no problem with Eskimos being politically incorrect … and Edmonton, being the northern-most Canadian city, does have a fairly legitimate claim to that name, IMO. Plus, Eskimos are much closer to Edmonton than any tigers are to Hamilton!
I can’t speak for Montreal, since I don’t know Quebec very well. But again, the Alouette is a bird native to the province, and when Montreal has the only football team there … it doesn’t matter if there are any alouettes in the actual city. Do you think there are any eagles in Philadelphia? Or panthers in Miami?
The BC Lions have more of a claim to “Lions” than Detroit, too - because of the mountains in the area (something is called Lions, or Lion’s head, or something - all i can remember is the Lion’s Gate Bridge). Stampeders, Stampede - that’s pretty straight-forward. You can dredge up history on Roughriders, Rough Riders and Blue Bombers, too (even in older posts on this forum).
I understand your point that a name is just a name, and people will either a) ignore it or b) get used to it, but I disagree completely that it’s all nonsense. What I consider nonsense is naming a hockey team after a kid’s movie (and a bad name at that - mighty ducks?!?).
A name should be relevant to the city, otherwise people will have a harder time associating with it. Calling a team in Florida the Eskimos - that wouldn’t exactly work. There are some “generic” names that work no matter where the team is - stuff like Hawks, or Bulls, or Lions, or Flames … you get the idea.
If you look back on what people have suggested for a Halifax name, “explosion” comes up a lot. Personally I think that’s an awful way to name any sports team (like, "Power’, “Rage”, “Thrill” … etc). But the reason “Explosion” comes up so often is because that’s what people know about Halifax - there was an explosion there in 1917. You link the name with the place, and people can associate with it better … for example, I say “alouette”. What’s the first thing you think of? It could very well be a children’s song … a FRENCH children’s song.

Anyway, I’m not sure how many maritimers are on this forum, but I’d be very interested in hearing them speak up!

As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I personally like the name “Halifax Privateers”. It fits the city, has the same theme as other teams like the “Pirates”, “Buccaneers” and “Raiders”, and there’s that drinking song that everyone around here loves, Barrett’s Privateers. I’m also against the idea of calling the team the Atlantic (Whatevers). If it’s in Halifax, call it Halifax. If it’s in Moncton (God forbid) call it Moncton. I think whichever city gets it deserves to be recognized. “Atlantic” is an adjective anyway, not a place.

I put my vote in for the halifax hobos. in the Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary. it states

a homeless and usually penniless vagabond

being that they have no place to play right now and nobody has the money for a stadium

I looked at the thread title and got an idea instantly. How about the Maritimers?! It’s simple and it makes sense. It doesn’t sound that bad either:
Moncton Maritimers or Halifax Maritimers. Not bad eh? :slight_smile:

Nova Scotia Pogeymen B-)

I recall thinking, “Hey! I know what would be a GREAT name! Mariners!” … and then stopped. :slight_smile:

Privateers ain’t bad, actually. I thought Maritimers could be a bit awkward, but it might work too …

Just please, PLEASE don’t call them the “explosion” or something similar! I’m not an english major, so I don’t know exactly what type of word it is - but it should be plural, and not something XFL-ish! I remember there was the possibility of calling the Renegades the “Power” or “Rage” or something like that. NO!

THanks for asking. As mentioned in previous quotes. I live in Newfoundland, Halifax would become my team and I would travel to a few games. I also mentioned in a previous thread, I want “Halifax Whales” but it was shot down because of it’s resemblance to Whalers. Whales = big, powerful animals, just like football players.
Whalers = soon to be forgotten , long extinct franchise.

Edmonton I’d like to chage to “Energy” (THAT WOULD WORK!) but Eskimos is fine cuz most Inuits just don’t asoshiate themsevles with it and some even embass it.

Montreal, Ottawa, Halimton and Toronto are cool. I’m part Greek and I love the fact that Toronto is the Argonauts!

Ottawa new name would be cooler if the city and it’s suburbs became their our Capital Regoin of District like Washington DC, THEN the name would make sense since they, like a renegade, broke away from Ontario and Quebec.

Calgary has a logo which I said in another post looks like the Ford “Mustang” logo.

BC I think should be the “Vancouver Lions” and if the provnce gets another CFL team which it will likely in the future, that name will become real…

IF thw Winnipeg Jets come back, I think that the BB’s should change their name to the Manitoba Blue Bombers to in name represent the whole province and not just Winnipeg.

I not going to talk about Saskatchewan, they are beyond help! :wink:

I’d say I’d love to see the “Atlantic Schooners” make a come back (like the Washington Senators, sigh!).

my other choice is a generic name, “Atlantic Thunder”!!!


Outstanding third-and-ten!!!

To prove his point once again I bring you…the “Minnesota Golden Gophers”! Are there silver ones…or blue ones?..I think NOT

When I was younger, I played baseball for a few years. One of the league’s team name was the Marieville “Cosmic Cows”. At first, we all mocked the name. Then, that team kicked everyone’s ass and went away to win the championship.

The next year, go figure why, we all had pretty much respect for that fearful name ! :stuck_out_tongue: