Lets have a contest

Who do you thinks going to choke first, Joseph or Glenn?

My moneys on Glenn, closely followed by Joseph.

Josephs already showing signs, he threw some real ducks
last week. Lucky it wasnt duck season, they'd of run out of balls.


...depends on what happens with winnipegs o-line...if they stay healthy and keep protecting KG then he could go a ways yet...if they get a few injuries and their hogs are depleted watch KG start to scramble, and thats when all goes to hell in a handbasket for the BBs...

I don't think either QB will faulter down the stretch. I always knew Glenn would be a good QB going back to the Saskatchewan days. He just needed time to mature. The thing I like about him is he doesn't waste anytime with the football he is very quick to get rid of the ball. As far a Joseph throwing a few ducks last week, did you see the rain, that might be a good reason for why the weren't perfectly thrown balls. I think you just better worry about the Esks making the playoffs.

Eskylo is a Stamps fan....not an Esks fan.....

Oh sorry bout that, but still the point remains.

...either way we better worry about the eskimos making the playoffs I agree....

My point was why would you have a post about which QB was going to choke first. You could do that with almost every QB in the league. Except Ray a healthy Dickenson and maybe Calvillo.

He would post it because it's his right to smack-talk other teams in his own forum.....

Last time I checked Joseph and Glenn weren’t teams there players.

Really? Wow!! I had no idea.....

Phart...is it such a leap to realize that those players are members of teams???

Let them have their smack.....

Last time I checked Joseph and Glenn weren’t teams there players.

What? You talking Saskatchewanee!

Actually its no contest, the biggest choker in the last two playoff years has been Henry Burris. The Stamps better hope that he doesnt choke in their next game, or they might wind up watching the playoffs on TV.

So do you still have a prediction Eskylo? I think they both answered your question on labour day!!

Still lots of games to be played, let's not jinx it :slight_smile:

Oh my God, that had me rolling... :lol:

I don't know who will choke first, if either will... but Joseph has an advantage with his feet. Even if he throws a couple of bad passes, he can still run the ball, as we saw with his game-winning TD.

Winnipeg has one of the top offences right now, and they just made some moves on defence, so they could still be a force in the second half.

As for Calgary fans watching for Edmonton... I don't know. Looking at their schedule, I could realistically see them going 6-11-1. I hope to God I'm wrong... but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened.

But that being said, Calgary still won't make it past the first round. :lol:

Chief you are such a kidder! :lol: :lol: :lol: