Lets go with the NFL Ball

We should play with the same ball the NFL does. Its slightly smaller and is easier to pass. The QB's being american are familiar with it and since our game is mostly passing it would improve the offensive performance within the leage.

Have you noticed that most of the University QB's dont throw very good passes. Most are wobbly and the smaller ball would surely help them too.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_Canadian_and_American_football#The_ball]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison ... l#The_ball[/url]

The balls have been identical in size for 10 years now. They used to be slightly different. The stripe gives the illusion of a greater width.

From Wikipedia ( link above)

"However, since most official Canadian and American footballs are made by the same company (the exception is Arena Football League balls, which are made by Spalding, but the dimensions are the same), it is likely that their dimensions are identical. The chief difference between a CFL, NFL, NCAA, and AFL balls is the type of stripe applied (or not). Canadian balls have a complete white stripe around the football 1 inch (25 mm) from each end, NCAA balls have broken stripes, NFL balls have no stripes, and AFL balls are tan with two blue s-shaped stripes."

then if they are the same why are Qbs complaining, and why did TSN hype it up? listen the CFL needs smaller ball, less grip, and I believe that they should shrink the endzones a little bit.

Yeah and make the field smaller,one less man and go to 4 downs...Leave things the way they are.

The are the same size. CFL QB's are complaining about the striped being sewn into the ball rather than painted on.

ok, then paint the strips, and allow more grip for QBs to pass the ball better, and prevent less fumbles. Also they need to get those logos off the field, i know its for money, but at least put the logos on the sidelines, on tv ads, and other things, the logos on the field are distracting, it makes the cfl look bush, even the NHL looks bush league with logos on the ice.

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What about a nerf ball? You know, the ones that fit in your hand and have that long tail...you can throw them suckers like a hundred yards!

Logo's aren't bush league. Look in Europe at the EPL and all the other soccer leagues. They actually have company logo's as the focus points of their jerseys.

The balls are the same size & weight. They are produced from the same Wilson Sporting Goods factory in Ada, Ohio. The CFL ball is distinguished by different markings, dimpled laces and sewn on, one inch stripes. The stripes & laces are made of the same synthetic 'sticky' material the $25 footballs are made of that you can buy at Sportchek, Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart.

The CFL should have waited for adequate feedback before introducing the sewn-striped ball this year. The QBs continue to complain & it seems to be one of the reasons for the lack of offensive production this year.

The ball used in more recent years, is nearly identical to the NFL ball & those who perceive the American ball to be easier to throw neglect to recognize that the stripes on the Canadian ball extenuates any wobble where such a wobble might be masked in the monochromatic American ball. Also, consider the tighter spaces & shorter passes that are typical of American football.

Other than the sewn stripes, don't blame the ball…

the CFL used to have 14 advertisment logos on the field, now are down to 8...so in a few more years, we might be down to 4.

i think fields should all have either the CFL logo or the home team logo at centre field....and painted endzones.

it does look bush league, i like the old school look, only lines belong on the field, and only the team name and number belong uniforms, the plain looks is beautiful, how can you have a beautiful game with corporation stickers all over the place, leave it plain like vanilla, bring bakc the old-school look, plan is the way to go, just like air force one nike shoes, air force ones are the hot-sellers, because they have the plain classic old-school look.

I think a good adjustment the league made a few years ago was to paint the the subject matter of these corporate logos with colours that contrast with the field without having to paint huge ugly white blocks on the field.

The more subtle and fewer logos on the field the better. Its by no means bush, many major sports leagues around the world including several Rugby leagues, any foriegn hockey league & even the NHL have their playing surfaces littered with logos far beyond what the CFL has.

In soccer, FIFA mandates that the playing surface is devoid of any logo of any kind, even that of the home club, albeit competitions such as Champion's League have had their logos mowed into the grass in the kickoff circle. Arsenal for their last year at Highbury Stadium did a similar thing mowing some commemorative text into the lawn.

I just love the logos on the field. A lack of logos is so old school. They add to the excitement and hype. Only old guys over 25 don't like logos. I love knowing that some phone company is excited about my team. I wish they would glow and that they would make noise every time a player stepped on them. That would be so cool....


change the football just to make maas feel more comfortable?...yea right.

Exactly what I was thinking LOL :lol:

yo trailerparkboy, what difference does it make to you? you live in a trailer, you take a dump, sleep, eat, and watch tv all in the same room. Out of everyone here you should be appreciating a smaller field.