Let's Go Timmy!

We're going to be rooting for you!


I’m rooting for the entire Team with Timmy’s leadership.

Behind the kid 100%.

Lets Go Timmmy I believe on you 100% I believe you can turn this franchise around! you got it Buddy reach for the sky, i will be wearing my Chang Jersey supporting you buddy keep up your hard work it will pay off

Timmy Chang FAN!

I Love you Timmy Chang! Like a Man Loves A Fine cuban Cigar!

Timmy no pressure just have FUN and it will all fall togeather Good luck !!!!

Timmy is in. Zeke tackles everything around. Positives. If the receiving corps can hold to the ball we'll get the endzone before long...Even if Richie has to connect.

'Well, if Chang does get into trouble, it really is Williams who should come in; we've seen more than enough of Maas recently, and the Cats really should be working on Chang and Williams in order to develop them for the future.'

This, from GARDISTEN says it all...

On behalf of Hawaii we all wish you greatness. We are proud of you for not giving up. For continuing to be all you can be. Coach June Jones has taught you well in your college days at Hawaii. Remember all he taught you and never take this opportunity for granted. Make those Ticats fans proud. Most of all have fun doing it.

This post.. just scares me...lol

And this post... reminds me of the Star Wars Trilogy!!