Lets Go Stamps

Since my Ticats are now Toast.
I hope you guys win it all..

Get Amour his Grey cup...

I will be Cheering for Calgary the Rest of this season Including in Hamilton This Year.


What about Anderson? Yes go stamps go.

and howard hodges....and richard karikari....and is nate curry still on the stamps?

Nate Curry is no longer with the stamps

Man their playing a Great game in Front of Home Crowd..
21-4 Let Hope they Keep it and Get 1st place

It's a nice lead, but we all know what the Riders are capable of in the fourth. I won't rest easy until the final whistle.

Good game stamps. Meet you in the playoffs.

Looking forward to seeing the Armour and other Former Cats in a week

Yes they put a complete game in with out errors. They have to do that from here on in.

It Felt Really Odd Cheering my Ticats to lose a Game.
But A Win Would have been Meaningless to us
Why win a game when it would cost us the Top Pick in the CFL draft in 09
If we would have won Hamilton and Toronto Would have 4 Wins
But the We beat the Argos Twice so they would be 4th and us 3rd in East
But as we know the crossover will take place.

is a Win really worth dropping to #2 and 3 in Draft (we have Winnipeg's Pick #3 Pick)
I don't think so

Obie may be able Trade a Pick for some Line help DE or OT
or Draft the Two Best Players in the Draft.

So Congrats on the win .
No I hope you Fans in Cow town get to see a Grey cup win.
Get the Former Ticats a Ring

Congrats Calgary!
Awesome season!
Edmonton is better! :twisted: :lol:

Thanks and you know those Tigercat players are not bad they played a good game. Yes they are hurting on the oline an dline but they can easily find the guys that can ake it happen with OBie in there. Coaching is the other aspect that needs a huge upgrade.
The Stamps are for real this year but they still have to win a couple more games.

Thanks Ryoon not sure about Edmonton yes they beat us twice but the first game was on the last play and the labor day game was when Burris went down. But Edmonton gets full credit with those wins.