Let's Go Sean Whyte!

Section Y1 is located behind where Whyte warms up, and the fans there didn't miss the chance to encourage our offensive MVP for his 17 points last night. OK, there are 2 rouges in there and one of his punts was lame, but overall he had an excellent game. Kudos for his fake punt and taking a hit for the team. Definitely our offensive star.

Sean has been the best player on this team BY FAR this year. Incredible turnaround on his part. If he keeps it up he could end up being the STP of the year in the CFL. Congratulations to him. :thup:

Gotta give Whyte credit. He's finally playing like a real, all-in-one kicker. Kudos to him for stepping up his training regimen this offseason and becoming a better punter. His FG distance has improved, too. Never thought I'd see him nailing 47-yarders but he's doing it. Well done, Sean! Pippin no more. :smiley: