Lets go Ottawa

Now we have a season about to start, I just want to flip one bird at these wing nuts who delayed Ottawa for two years and
wasted every ones time and money, on there personal misguided hippy crusade to save birds nests in an already developed urban area.


lol - what a bunch of wing nuts!!

The Fiends of Lansdowne. A bunch of NIMBYs, most of whom bought their houses long ago when there was football at Lansdowne, but heaven forbid that it should come back and inconvenience them now. Pushed for it to be made into a park that all could enjoy, but insisted that there be no parking so people outside their neighbourhood could actually use it. Cost our city a huge amount of money in legal fees, none of which the city can sue to recover. Fought to save nesting sites for migratory birds, most of which turned out to be robins (hardly endangered) or cardinals (also hardly endangerd, and not migratory).

Same neighbourhood that threw up cement barricades in the middle of the night to prevent traffic from using "their streets" - and forcing it through other neighbourhoods and clogging the major routes around the area.

Not a fan of that type of people.

well they delayed Ottawa by two years, now if we just could hire them to trip up Bon Jovi for a few years if he try's to move the bills to Toronto. :slight_smile:

I know it frustrating! But it will taste very sweet this summer enjoying football after all these years...I am proud to live in a country that allows wing nuts!!! But I do understand the frustration...football is just as much apart of the Canadian way and is just as important as birds! I will be cheering the Red Blacks so long as they do not play the Bombers!!!

I'm terrified of clicking this. I recall a video of a group of hippies singing some sort of protest song in a store i the nighborhood and I'm terrified that it might be that video. I can't possibly watch that again.

For what it's worth, while these folks argued for so long that it was a terrible deal, and far too generous for the developers, the Conference Board of Canada recently said the following:

The Conference Board also praised the public-private partnership development model used for Lansdowne Park, saying it struck the right balance between public support and private investment, lowering the costs and risks for taxpayers.

That's from the Ottawa Business Journal. I wonder if they read it? :roll:

What sucks is that they'll probably end up enjoying it more than anyone. I've seen some of the work being done to the building that was moved (to great outrage). It was basically used as a storage shed before. Now it looks like they might use it kind of like a covered bridge to make another entrance into the park, with vendors inside, and fully renovated. In a few years, no one will admit to having tried to block this project.

Re:"Cost our city a huge amount of money in legal fees, none of which the city can sue to recover."

Why not , the case was frivolous, the %$#*@!@ morons should be sued for legal fees and disbursements. why not?

The law about frivolous cases changed after the FoL submitted theirs. The FoL case basically caused the rule to change.

Prior to that, the rule was that the city could not ask for legal fees. The reasoning was that they “wanted” people to be able to afford to raise legitimate concerns, but when the FoL came in with a clear cut example of abuse of system, the rule got changed back so that the city has the option now.

The only one who got pinched is that John Martin guy who had the Conservancy plan, because he submitted his case after the change (good thinking, jackass), but then some anonymous “benefactor” ended up paying his debt. Imagine that. :roll:

Looking forward to going to a game once in a while coming from Hamilton, I used to live in Ottawa for a short time and my wife is from there so it'll be super to go to a game again.

Birds, BTW, often like building nests in little nooks and crannies on the outside buildings, porches etc. you name it. They'll be fine me thinks. :wink: Its' cats they have to worry about more I would say. :wink:

of course, the Landsdowne park will still accommodate birds and squirrels. These people weren't motivated by some altruistic duty to protect a few robin nest or trees, they had there own agenda, they wanted the land to be unused as possible because they felt it was their right in there neighborhood ( this is why the proposed a park with out parking LOL ), even though most bought in the area when frank Claire was still in use, the reality it was the cities ( that mean all the residents of Ottawa ), and the city ( citizens ) had every right to redevelop it, and partner with a private company to do so.

Here's their latest belly-aching (from April).

More discouraging news from OSEG. It has signed American food giant, Levy Restaurants, to provide food services at Lansdowne Park's stadium and arena. So much for local character and national pride at this city-owned facility, adjacent to the Aberdeen Pavilion, a National Historic site and the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This after complaining previously that stadium food choices could be harmful to the health of children (oh, the horror!). So now that the above group actually offers healthy choices, they're not local, so they suck too.

And that was FoL in a nutshell. No matter what you did, unless it was take their direction word for word, you were in the wrong. I hope the park continues to make them miserable though I believe they will quietly end up liking many aspects of it (but they'll forever complain about parking and traffic).

Good Luck to all you Ottawa Fans And wing-nuts. Thanks to fans like you your back in. Enjoy