Let's go Jeremiah 2 straight!

So winning games is the narrative around here?

Masoli is 5-1 in the last 6 games.

Yet he still can't silence the assassins.


Fans might stop complaining when it doesn’t feel like he’s auditioning for a role of a storm trooper in the next Star Wars movie and start hitting his receivers with better accuracy.


Funny. Out of the 4 QBs who played on Sunday, Masoli was the only one who wasn't a turnover machine. The other top tier QBs all shit the bed and had really poor performances with multiple overthrows, picks and fumbles.

The Hamilton offence isn't very dynamic but they got the job done and capitalized on Montreal's turnovers. Like we expected them to do.

Clearly Masoli has worked on and greatly improved his ball security. He has only thrown 2 interceptions in his last 8 games. That's actually quite an impressive stat.


Ball security has definitely improved and well deserved props for it, however no one caught any of his passes in the first qtr. We need to put together some drives to use up some of the clock so the D plays a little less of the game. The TD pass to banks with 7:02 left in the second Qtr was only his second completed pass. You do have to expect more than that from the #1, don't you?


If Masoli goes 27 for 30 and we win the game, comments will include some mix of the following:

  • throws were bad, receivers bailed him out
  • he should have run more
  • big deal, that’s what’s expected
  • stats are meaningless
  • not impressed because he is inconsistent / didn’t do it every game
  • he went for the easy completions
  • he didn’t play well, it was the other team’s defence that played badly
  • this one was all Condell
  • this one was all the defence
  • that one pass could have been intercepted
  • locks in on one receiver
  • player X was wide open on that one play but he threw to player Y instead
  • meaningless because he won’t repeat this performance next week
  • but he lost those games in 2018/2014/whenever
  • but his career win percentage is only X
  • even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes
  • something something fanboys something cheerleaders something noticing
  • Will give credit where it’s due but I still say the other guy is better

Everyone who reads this board (except for a handful) knows this is true.


You do know that the QB who holds the record for consecutive completions in my comment is Masoli. I just want him to be more consistent. He's capable of doing it.

You just described every single Gameday Thread. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Masoli has been the best QB in the league over the past 2 months-ish.


I don't necessarily trust Masoli going into this week, but I think if we get Addison back on the field healthy, he can help elevate Masoli's game along with the rest of the offence to the point we can beat the blue team.



Nobody is an assassin.
The narrative has never changed.
He's 1-3 in his last 4 against playoff teams. And no the Sask game doesn't count.

Nobody cares about these useless stats against bottom feeders.

Play good. Win game. Go to Grey Cup.

That's it.

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We have to accept the fact that Masoli will start. Hope he does well. Have to be confident that the coach does the right thing if he does not do well. Go Cats Go.

I agree with the sentiment, but OS has not shown this year that he would do "the right thing" as you put it. We can only hope that this situation is different because it's a playoff game.

Of course we do.
Nobody is calling for Evans to start.
The coaching staff has committed by giving Evans no reps.
It's masolis team. Now go win meaningful football games. Is being 1 game better than last year too much to ask?

Thanks for reiterating my exact point. The team won the ESF with 186 yards passing.

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Because he's not very good.

The way I see it. Every Ticat fan would like to see Masoli succeed. We all want the Cats to win the GC.

But a lot of us are skeptical, if he can do well against the Argos next week. Considering his and the rest of the team’s tough outing last time at BMO. It only makes sense.

I hope he plays lights out next week but if he doesn’t do well and struggles. We have another starting QB that we can put in also, ( not many teams have that luxury)

Let’s hope that Cats can explore that QB option. Masoli can run. I would love to see him run the ball a few times. It would make our offense less predictable and free up some options.


So if the team loses the EF or GC with 300 yards passing he's open to criticism?

Masoli and lights out are not something we've come to expect.

"When are you going to realise it's about winning games? That's it.

Not stats. Not 300 yard games. Nothing else."

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