Let's go Jeremiah 2 straight!

What the heck eh? Let's ride the mediocre pony!


.500 guy cant win 2 straight.

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Good point. We're done.:disappointed:

I am thinking about what Addison will bring to the table if he returns next week, and having a healthy Banks , would give Masoli another weapon.

Weapon and Masoli in the same sentence!:rofl::joy::laughing:

Yea, if we could only have that winning QB from yesterday's WSF, who had the same passing yards as Masoli, but 4 interceptions. Or maybe even the losing QB (forgot his name) from that game who had close to 300 yards!


How about the QB who holds the record for consecutive completions can we have him. That's what we really want not the guy who went the whole first qtr without a completion. Poke fun all you want we need more consistency from the offence that much is obvious. I don't care what name is on the back of the jersey.


Are you high?

Well said!

I must have been. I took a wrong turn. Misled by the forum heading. I didn't realize I was entering an anti-Masoli rant room. I found my way now, thanks.

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If anyone else had managed a game with 180 yards passing, no interceptions and got a win some here would sing his praises

Oh they already did with Dave Watford


Maybe it's because we kinda expect more from a QB who has been in the League for EIGHT YEARS, was a MOP candidate in 2018, was well on his way to another one in 2019 before he tore his ACL, had EIGHTEEN MONTHS to rehab the reconstruction, and have an entire season in which to build rapport with his receivers.

All while the guy who led the team to a Grey Cup berth is languishing on the bench. Heck, he and Watford have the same number of regular-season wins than the so-called "starter"...

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sick'em pat

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Hey…I’m not saying he was great. I’m just pointing out that whatever he does…it won’t be enough

Truth can be sick. Or is it sic?

He's just won 2 straight. You got your wish. I would think that you would have wished for more though ...

Last week he started a thread for three straight (three playoff games).
This week, he started a thread for two straight (two playoff games left).
His counting is correct.

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Fajardo - 23-10 as a starter.
Bo = don't even have to list his resume.
Dane Evans = 13-4? as a starter


When are you going to realise it's about winning games? That's it.

Not stats. Not 300 yard games. Nothing else.

Winning games. Preferably against good teams.

This team with Masoli wins the next two games, I promise you you won't hear a word out of 99% of this fanbase.

Combine yesterday's offensive drought with a loss next week? You may hear something.


I would say it's more about winning championships - if we had, say won 3 championships in this century; very few people would be complaining. Or even 1 championship in last 5 years.
(Unfortunately this team carries the weight of 21 years of not tasting the ultimate victory)

I'm thinking The D scores a TD, gets a turnover that leads to a gimme for the offense, and Masoli has 2 good drives for field goals. The rest is up to the D to keep the Argos under 20 pts.

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MBT destroyed us last trip to Toronto by quick short passes (5 - 8 yards)... one after another.

The weather will play into that strategy again (and even more so).

If we cant string drives together of short passes (not been a strong suit of ours), we are dead in the water.

Last time Tranna played simple ball - and smoked us!